This write up isn’t to give a full detail of things as it may be, but its just a little of my own view about certain things in life and so may not give an accurate definition or solution to what it is, but still it sheds light on the things which we as individual have gone through at one stage in our lives.
At some point in our lives we’ve been depressed about one thing or the other, luckily some are able to get through it with the aid of people around, and I fall into that category,
while some couldn’t get out of it and are still in it while others have committed suicide because of being depressed.

But before I go further , about sharing my own view and how I was able to come out of the state of being depressed, I first must tell what depression actually mean , depression is a word used in many field like economics, physics, geography e.t.c.  But I am focusing on the human depression, the kind of depression that eclipse the others, so without further ado the human related depression is defined as ‘feelings of severe despondency or rejection’ from this very short definition there are two key words which actually tells in full what depression is (despondency and rejection). Despondency   itself means ‘low spirits from loss of hope or courage’ and this itself I think explains a lot why depression comes into the lives of individuals.

So, I believe we get depressed due to some factors that has contributed immensely, like in my own case I had lost hope in a whole lot of people and things in my life and this made my confidence drop a great deal and the thought of success being imminent was nowhere on the horizon for me, turmoil upon turmoil was always the order of my days coupled with sleepless nights and inevitably suicidal thoughts. But why the deep plunge into depression by many, a lot of factors contribute to this like, loss of a  job, going bankrupt , poor academic grade despite the many hours of studying and many more.

The next thing on mind will be after knowing and identifying the likely causes of depression what is the way out of it, what can be done to pull out of the state of being depressed, medically some drugs are prescribed to help with depression but In real sense I see that as a medium to make more money for those in the health sector, some rich folks even undergo therapy with some psychologist ,yes these are great steps to take but the real cure to depression from my own view( experience) is no other thing but LOVE ,with this we break the bounds that depression has created in people.

                                                                                          BY: FOLARIN LANRE DONALDSON

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