It is easy to see that in each stage of life the goal is reached only after a bit of travel. Growth and spiritual victories come only after encountering adversity, pain and difficulties. We become heroes as a result of enduring private battles, from those battles victory emerge.
Even when we suffer the result of poor decision, once our lives are yielded to God, beauty will shine forth. He will reach out and help, giving strength to endure or turning circumstances around.

            Perhaps it unsettles us to know that travails is necessary for our own spiritual growth and that the reward of it will come to us all regardless of whether we have made good or bad choices. Again comfort comes in the knowledge that God is in control. If you are facing travails today remember God knows, cares and causes beauty to emerge.

            To get to the next level or stage you have got to pass the test in front of you and also quitting is never to be considered as an option.


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