Not from any man would I expect any reward;helping people is just like a default settings. It would be a massive shame to me if I refused to render help to my neighbor when I have the capacity and the ability to do so. Be quick to do good always.

 I know I’m from the gutter (the miry clay), but who I was, who I am and what I will be would not impede me from extending my hands of fellowship to the helpless. Yes, that man you help today can work against you tomorrow.
He may pay evil for good. He may eat you by the foot. Some people are scorpion-covered-with-human-cloth. Even when you try to help them while drowning, they will keep stinging you. 

Don’t mind, just smile it off and concentrate on your heart that tells you to keep doing good. That your heart is your best friend because it can never deceive you. Disappointment comes when you put your hope in man, and that is why you don’t have to expect in return from the people you help. When you expect, you are no more helping, but you are doing a trade-by-batter form of business. 

My happiness and rewards come when I see the unhappy becomes happy, the hopeless becomes hopeful, the needy become needless, and when I touch a life to put a smile on the face again. Raise someone’s hands today and see where your hands would be. I am nothing but pencil in the hand of MY CREATOR, so who am I not to help my fellow creatures? 

Hmm, I smile and nod!
Don’t forget, some people do it for people to notice them or to Gain people’s attention; the bitter-truth is you have already been rewarded by doing this. I know I cannot do it all, but I will always do my best till death closes my eyelids.

One way you can help others is by sharing your life testimony for other depressed people to keep their hopes alive.. don't mind human; do it for humanity...

                                                                                         BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO

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