A look at the budging eyeballs can tell how long she's been crying from pain,
From the brittle skin and scars you can tell how long she's been bleeding,
As she tries to turn on her body, the cracks from her bones sound like the turning of the hinges in the harmattan,
Alas! She thought to herself 'my beauty, glow, joy, and the love in me is fast fading away, Ensconced in her thoughts, the only safe place left for her to dwell in,
Murmurs from the presence of her tormentors broke into her thoughts,
Debating within herself, how that can be,

She was snapped to reality by the tortuous whip in the hands of "Terrorism",
Great laughter ensued from Religion,Ignorance,Disease,Corruption, Genocide and wars,
With hatred charging at her, in split seconds the covering left on her as dress was torn,
With her nakedness exposed, she asked "Haven't I gotten enough from this man of horror?" Then she sees you coming afar from the end of the road,

Rays of hope begins to rise in her, But immediately she remembered "Mr. Past Generations" like the reproductive cycle, her hopes were reset to zero,
Mr. Past Generations started like this she thought,
A broad-chested, stout man, she was confident he would help defeat and exterminate her enemies,
Not only was he built, he was armed with great weapons of wars like; knowledge of science, Oration,literary skills,money, power and position,

Approaching and smiling at her she was sure Mr. Past Generations would help,
But her heart sunk when Mr. Past Generations handed over his weapons to her enemies,
And the helpless and defenseless world continues her bouts of torture now you see why she's not excited at your coming?

Are you going to tell and shows are you're a special breed?
Would you walk up to the world, dry her tears, bound her wounds and whisper softly to her ears 'THE WAIT IS OVER',
Or would you be like Mr. Past Generations,
And the world continues to wait, not knowing who she's waiting for.


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