What do you think you were that was forever? 
What do you think you are that is forever?
What do you think you will be that would be forever? 
Then why don’t you make it simple whenever you have it at your fingertips? 
Why don’t you make it less complicated for the people around you when you are sitting at the throne of power? 
Why can’t yo
u lift a hand today and see where your hands would be? 
Why don’t you keep calm
when it seems doom and gloomy? 
Why don’t you cheer up when it calls for worry? 
Why can’t you remain humble when your name is being hailed and praised?
You, yes you! Do you think you will be right there forever, and things would remain as it is now forever? 

You think that your conspicuous, elegant, enchanting and charming beauty wouldn’t fade one day? 
You think wealth doesn’t fly away like an uncaged bird? 
Keep carrying that your hands up. When the time comes, rigor mortis will pull it down for you. 

I saw how famous and wealthy .the Great Michael Jackson was; I saw how powerful Osama Bin laden was; I saw how strong Saddam Hussein was; I read how great Alexander The Great was; I saw how genius Steve Job was; I saw how popular Whitney Houston and her daughter, Kristina, were (to mention a few). I saw and saw, and I ask myself what is the meaning of life if nothing last forever? 

To the depressed-ones, smile today because there is always a future hope for you. A microsecond is too much for your God to transform your situation. 
To the poor, be glad today because the situation would not last forever? 
To the rejected ones, be happy because no forever will the rejection be? Hope is alive. 
To the burden-hearted, be joyous because the burden won’t last forever right there.
Is hope alive? Yes there is; just don’t give up. 

You are rich or poor; you are a genius or a dummy; you are a king or a slave; you are famous or infamous; you are wise or foolish; you are the boss or the servant; you are tall or fat, you are big or small; you are old or young; you are this or that, know that at the end of it all, just one thing remain forever, and that is the cheapest place below your feet. (As I would say in my native Yoruba language, MELO NI AYE OUN). 
                                                  BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO

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