Wow, is hope alive? Not even the seemingly-happiest man, the wealthiest man, or the healthiest man is free from the attack of depression. I don’t know the intensity of the depression you are passing through right now, but I hope this write up can go a little in mitigating and probably providing solution to that rough mood of yours. 

Are you depressed because you are not loved, you are rejected, abused, disappointed, cheated, jilted, underrated, castigated, humiliated, or because of failure, ill-luck, bad luck, or due to any other reason that you and only you understood? Except you want to shy away from the truth, human are vulnerable to depression and it is one of the major challenges in human race; it is no respecter of man.  Depression happens in different ways, and if not managed appropriately, a suicidal thought may ensue. Also,
a depression not wisely managed can contribute to social vices, thereby leading you to venting your anger on your environment (then you become a problem, not only to yourself and people around you, but also a problem to humanity). PLEASE FOLLOW THIS TOPIC PATIENTLY AS IT WOULD BE UPDATED IN SERIES on this website {is hope alive} www.ishopealive.blogspot.com

1.      You have money to meet your ends, yet you depressed,
2.      You have a beautiful home, yet you are depressed,
3.      You have a beautiful wife and children, yet you are depressed,
4.      You have an amazing and lucrative job, yet you are depressed,
5.      You labored, struggled and fought for so long to get to where you are now, yet you are depressed,
6.      You passed all the exams in your way, yet you are depressed,
7.      You did all you can to get all the good things you desired in life, yet you are depressed,
8.      You attained the highest position on earth, yet you are depressed,
9.      You were excited yesterday, but today you are yet depressed… is hope alive?

Nobody is supernatural. Depression is part of humanity and without it, I guess this life becomes an incomplete one. All you need is to brace up for an unexpected depression, because it is perhaps inevitable for you to escape. The ability to manage and overcome depression is what can make you a real man, a strong man and a leader. The causative of your depression may seem to you as the worst that can happen to a person on earth, but the truth still remain that even the next person near you, or the person you look up to for solution, is also suffering from a concealed depression; apparently not known to you.

Do you think suicide is the answer?
Do you think drinking to stupor is the answer?
Do you think going for revenge is the answer?
Do you think insulting and terrorizing the society is the answer?
Do you think getting yourself high using hard drugs is the answer?
Do you think having an incessant sex is the answer?
Do you think isolation and loneliness is the answer?

            Nooooo friend, you are absolutely missing it. Yes you are! Doing all these things doesn’t affirm that you are wise. It only shows how weak, fake, feeble and feeble-minded you are. Whatever you do that will only proffer a short term solution is not worth using as a means to manage, control or banish depression.

Watch out for the PART TWO of this topic as I would be talking on how to use LOVE, KNOWING YOUR SELF-WORTH, TIME MANAGEMENT, AVOIDING SELF-CASTIGATION, SPILLING SOMETHING OUT, etc. can be used in banishing and managing depression (is hope alive?).

                                                                                                  BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO

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