Is hope alive? Fear has made me lost my first true love. Fear has made me lied to people I shouldn’t have lied to. Fear has given me an emotional and physical scar I would never forget in my life. Fear has made me stopped where I should have continued moving.
Fear has blinded me where I should have seen clearly. Fear has been a pain in my ass and an ache in my heart. And when I summed up everything I realized fear only ensues whenever I thought the


You know the different between FEAR and EXCITEMENT? The fact is that the former occurs when the future looks bleak or cloudy, but the latter occurs when the future looks bright and encouraging. Fear deteriorates you mentally, psychologically, physically, morally, spiritually and physiologically, but excitement conversely improves you.

 Have you thought of replacing fear with excitement in a tight situation where nervousness only should naturally dominate you? If you haven’t, pluck up your courage one day and try this and see what the outcome would be. Human tends to fear one thing or the other, visible or invisible, except you are not one. Some people have the:
·         Fear of dying young
·         Fear of dying poor
·         Fear of not getting rich or famous
·         Fear of not getting a good job
·         Fear of not marrying a good wife
·         Fear of not making it when your contemporaries are
·         Fear of being left behind when your mates are flying
·         Fear of not attaining your dream and your heart desires
·         Fear of not accomplishing your life purpose
·         Fear of being subdued by life challenges
·         Fear of failing your next exams
·         Fear of ill-luck or bad luck
·         Fear of DEATH, among others...

Every other day I try to learn from my past experiences and other peoples’ in order to control my fear. I keep reading books and making researches hoping I can find solution to my short term and long term fear, but I noticed that none of my efforts has really been able to answer my question. I keep asking myself, why should I keep being afraid of things I should, by default, have dominion over? 

Then a voice said to me two things:
                                                        I.            You are afraid because you refuse to understand the TRUE MEANING OF                                             LIFE
                                                      II.            Fear only comes when the future expectation appears rough and I fail to                                                understand or see what is behind that roughness. Is hope alive?

Then I ask myself again what is the true meaning of life that I fail to understand, and what is that thing behind the cloud that I fail to see? WATCH OUT FOR THE PART TWO OF THIS TOPIC
                                                                                        BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO

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