Is hope alive? Time and chance happen to them all. All my life, I've believed so much in humanity and the greatness of you, the reader. I don’t underrate or belittle because I know a microsecond is too much for God to change someone’s life. I believe your time will come if you remain focus, positive and optimistic. 

You may be the least today, tomorrow you may the greatest. Are you perturbed and sad because you feel, despite all your struggles in life, you are still walking when your contemporaries are running and flying? If you sit, think and understand the true meaning of life, you would get to know that there is always chance for “OVERTAKE, OVERTOOK and OVERTAKEN”. Then you would know that the worry is absolutely uncalled for, is as much as you don’t relent in what you are doing. You don’t have to be intimidated by what others have achieved now. Who knows
tomorrow? Who knows whether what you are bound to achieve could be greater than theirs. Because it is there time now does not necessarily mean your own time would never arrive. Be 100% focus and be happy at other people’s success. Well, it takes maturity for a man to pretty enjoy the success of a fellow man.

You are perturbed because you see your mates making it at the moment, and you keep asking yourself why your own is turning out the opposite way? Oh dear friend, it is a pity you are wasting a precious time ruminating on this thought when you have got some better things to do with it. Have you forgotten that you and the person you are comparing yourself with are not born on the same day? Have you forgotten you were not born to fulfill the same purpose in life? Have you forgotten that even the twins born of the same mother do not arrive into the world the same time? So why the unnecessary trouble you are giving yourself? Jealous or envy, as it may seem, rottens the bones; it melts the flesh, it frictions the brain and it dampens the heart.

Time can only be managed by man, it cannot be controlled. In short, you have no capability to control when your moment will arrive. It can and it will only come at the predestined time. Those who tried to manipulate or catalyze their time yesterday couldn’t live to tell the story today. What a shame they are to humanity! What a bigger shame you would be if you follow their trails. They tried to speed up their time but it backfired on them. The “meaningless meaning of life make it impossible for man to understand or predict his time”. Is hope alive?

Don’t be subdued by the temptation to destroy or bring down the time of those, whose moment is now. You are doomed to fail. Even if you partially succeeded in doing so, you will successfully miss the arrival of your own time. Ultimately what will your gain be? George Bush time came and it passed. Obama’s time came and it will pass soon. Pele and Maradonna’s time both came and they passed, and now it is Messi and Ronaldo’s time, which I’m sure it’s on the verge of passing. What a meaningless life! 

What is the assurance that one day, somehow, your own time won’t come if you continue doing what is right? Remember delay is not denial. Remember those who laugh last, most times, often laugh best. The very moment you see the highest mountain is the moment you got closer to your time. Time and chance happen to them all. Be optimistic. Hope is alive.

                                                                                    BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO

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