Is hope alive?  When nobody believes in you, and you being not careful, you turn into an all-almighty fool. You become odd and weakened.
When nobody believes in you is when you perceive what nobody does; when you see what nobody sees and when you know what others don’t. Sometimes you share this dream with people but all they ask is “how on earth can a rational human being thought in that ridiculous manner”? They would tell you no way could that be possible. And they can go
a little bit sarcastic by saying, “I hope there is no other thing you can invest your precious time on”? Directly or indirectly, they would try to discourage you.

Is hope alive? Do not give up
I read about Steve Job, Bill Gate, Martin Luther King Jnr., Michael Faraday, Wright’s brothers, to mention a few; I saw how nobody believed in their dreams from the onset. How people thought their ideas were piece of shit. They made their hope alive and they never gave up on their dreams. The saying of Steve Job that “those who thinks they are crazy enough to change the world are the ones who do”. This statement is not ordinary. It is an inspirational statement because he saw, he did and he conquered the discouragement and doubt people had about himself and his team.

I tell you today, the moment nobody believes in your dream is the moment you need to trust your heart more, but the first thing is to be convinced and know fully well if that dream is really a dream or a mere wish in a dream-form. If it’s only a wish, you may regret pursuing it. However if it is and you deeply know it is your dream, you should not, you must not and I’m trusting you would never give up on it. Hope is alive

All you need to do is to re-ignite your passion like never before. Be ready to prove some folks wrong. Be ready to fight your way out. Your passion is like the only propelling impetus you’ve got. It is the fuel that only you can refuel. It is your intrinsic power and strength. “Passion is what keeps you doing the same right thing over and over again, but may not be in the same way or method”. Passion is an intrinsic influence and you must not allow any form of external discouraging factor alter it.

All I have seen and experienced, all I have heard and all I have read made me believe that THERE IS NOTHING MAN DECIDES TO DO THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR HIM, EXCEPT THE ONE GOD SAYS NO TO AND THE ONE YOU, YOURSELF, DECIDES NOT TO DO. Human being has no limit in thought, in strength, in power and in actions, but due to one reason or the other, we limit ourselves.

If you ask me 1,001 times that is there hope for you when most people don’t believe in you, I would answer you 1,000,001 times that hope is pretty much alive, and it is telling you never to give up for once. Hope is not dead unless you decide to bury your own. There is nobody bigger than your dream. No factor greater than your dream and no influence greater than your dream. 

You’ve got the key to the realization of your dream, and that is your unfailing and unchanging passion. Don’t mind their hullaballoo, they are dream killers.  Probably because they are jealous of the dream or because they are afraid you will be greater than them, or because they are ignorant of what you know. You are your dream and your hope is alive forever. I love you all.

                                                                                                BY: FATHERHERO

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