Why do you want to take the precious life you haven’t created? At least if you can’t give a life, you don’t have to destroy one.

You want to commit suicide because you thought the worst is happening to you or because the worst has happened to you? The question I ask is: “do you think the worst can ever happen to a man on earth?” There is nothing happening to you now that has never happened to someone, somewhere,
before. Only those who overcame the suicidal thought lived to tell the stories.

Do you want to give up with your life and commit suicide because:
·         The cloud gathered but it refuses to rain?
·         You were raped and couldn’t bear the shame afterwards?
·         He or she jilted you?
·         You have been failing the test over and over again?
·         Disappointment has been the order of your day?
·         Your parents, friends and families gave up on you?
·         They call you a failure and tell it to your face that nothing good can come out of you?
·         You lose the only job you’ve gotten to meet the ends in your life and your family?
·         You didn’t enjoy the success others are enjoying freely around you?
·         You have always been the victim of most ill-lucks?
·         You thought things is not going or things never went the way you expected?
·         You believed it is all doomed?

My friend, here is the good news; you have one indispensable thing that remains common in every man. It is LIFE that no man can give. In as much as there is life, there is always HOPE for turn-around and a better and pleasant tomorrow. Hope is not meant for the lifeless. Hope is always alive and only the people that have life can access it. With hope and time, I believe strongly that those challenges will become a history, and you will laugh last.

It is only the coward, the weak, the destroyer, the ingrate and the faithless that give up on hope easily and destroy the life The Creator has worked passionately for. They allow the thought of suicide to overcome them without retreating to fight another day. It is better to die for something than to die for nothing. It is better to die giving it a try and facing the challenges than to die because you are too weak or too lazy not to give up on hope. Hope is alive only when you remain alive. Don’t give up on hope so that you can witness the beauty of tomorrow and the reward of your persistence, perseverance, long-suffering and endurance.

                                                                        BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO

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