Are you battling with a suicidal thought today? MR HOPE promises to give you the antidote. He said if you give up on him, you wouldn’t live to see tomorrow’s glory and the fulfillment of that great dream of yours.
Again I ask you, why should you take the precious life you haven’t created?
From this short story, you should learn why you don’t need to commit that suicide even when the challenges seem so tensed that
you feel like giving up.

In happened in a small village some years back; there were three friends and they were all farmers,
FARMER “A” has been doing extremely fine with his farming. He has been enjoying tremendous yield year in year out. However, one day a disaster struck his farmland in this fateful year. He was shocked and couldn’t bear the sudden tragic event. He thought the worst that can ever happen to a man has happened to him. He looked up questioning and blaming God for his misfortune.  He thought there was no way he can withstand the shame that he was once rich but no more. He gave up on hope and destroyed the remaining part of his farm with his own hands.

FARMER “B” has had a mix of success in his farming. Sometimes the yields came out good, and sometimes it was the otherwise. He has been complaining all his life that why was his own life turning out that way, in a hap-hapzard manner. He spent most of his time comparing his life with FARMER A, whose life has been somewhat smooth. On this fateful year, the tragic event that struck also affected his own farmland. He also couldn’t bear going from bad to worse. He used the excuse of this incident to blame his Creator for creating him to face all these misfortunes. He said to himself, “well, things have not been smooth for me, and now that situations have even gotten from bad to worse, let me destroy the left farmland, and he did”.

FARMER “C” was a different case because all his life, he hardly enjoyed success in his farming. He worked and struggled the most but always got the worst and the poorest yield. Things had gone from bad to worse for him on several occasions. This farmer was wise enough not to give up on hope. He believed since there was life, there was hope. He continued to persevere and he endured all his challenges. This fateful year also, the tragic event struck his farm, but this man remain ever resilient. He worked tirelessly, and spent some of his time to figure out why and where the challenges are coming from, and how he could maneuver his way out. He refused to destroy the little portion of the land that was left.

            Hmmm, the subsequent year came and it was a year of blessing, increase, favor, grace, opportunity, to mention a few. It was only the FARMER “C” that had a portion to plant crops at the turn of the year, while the other two were left with frustration and regret.
This farmland is like your life. You won’t be able to witness the turn-around year when the blessing would flow, if you have terminated it by suicide. And in the so called AFTERLIFE, all you would be left with is eternal frustration and regret. Please be wise and be strong enough to overcome the temptation of suicide. HOPE IS ALIVE IF YOU WOULD STAY ALIVE.
Watch out for the part Three…

                                                                        BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO

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