Overcoming depression is never as easy as it seems when reading a motivational books or when you are being advised by a specialist. Overcoming depression starts from you because only you understands the pain and the causative of your trouble.
Before I continue with the means you can devise in subduing depression, I would like you to know that “the only time for human being to be happy is the present because the past gives nothing but regret, and the future, uncertainties and worry”. What you should ask yourself now is: “since yesterday was regret and tomorrow, uncertainties, then why should I remain sad and depressed”? You need to enjoy your “today” while you can. Don’t let depression seize the moment from you. Depression impedes you from the enjoyment of today; reminds you the mistakes of yesterday and it carves the future to seem bleak and gloomy for you. If you wouldn’t rise to fight your depressed state today, you would be deprived of today’s joy,
and affect negatively the joy of the morrow. Lift your spirit today. You can only be your self’s impetus.

AVOID ISOLATION: if you are depressed, isolation would be the very last thing you ever wanted. Loneliness or isolation is not a good tool in banishing depression. The more you stay alone, the more you aggravate your disturbing situation. The more you stay alone the more evil thought overwhelms your mind, the more you castigate yourself and the more you condemn your fate. Most times, if care is not taken, the last resort for isolation is always a SUICIDAL THOUGHT.

GO TO YOUR KNEEL: If you’d believe, “there is no battle you fight faithfully on your kneel that you won’t conquer”. If you look right and left, or front and back, and it seems all hope is lost, or you think there is nobody their again for you, take to your kneel at the corner of your room and say a sincere 15 minutes prayer. Relax yourself and allow THE ALMIGHTY to perform His work.

KNOW SELF-WORTH: you need to understand yourself and who you think you are born to be. You have to remind yourself that you are born to be great in life, and the awareness of that can be of help in elevating your spirit. The more you think of a better tomorrow for yourself, the more the spirit get excited, and the more you banish depression.

Let me make this short illustration: “if you are in a depressed state and a prophet you trust prophesied to you that you would one day be the president of your country or be richer than Bill Gate, how would you feel about such news”? The answer is certainly that your spirit would be raised and you feel excited. But the best prophet you can ever have is your heart. You need to give it chance to tell you what is great for your tomorrow. When you are depressed is certainly the best time for you to give your heart a listening hear and try to envisage the big pictures your heart shows you. It is your best friend and prophet. Give it chance to depict to you that future hope.

NO CONDITION IS EVER PERMANENT: You need to know that what is happening today is never a function of what you would be tomorrow. You need to know that no matter how deep the darkness of the night may be, light will surely come in the morning. You need to remind yourself that the tears on your cheek would not last overnight, even if it does, it vaporizes soon.

LOVE: of all factors that can counter depression, LOVE is the most… WATCH OUT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE

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``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO

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