SATURDAY HELPING TONIC 1 (HELP NEEDED) Please read and advice this person


I’m beseeching all Ishopealive readers to help me with their advice. My story goes thus:  my grandmother has been leaving with us since we moved into our new apartment few years ago. She has been a real trouble to the family since then.

 She is the mother of my father. So she dislike my own mother so much, and she extends her hatred to me and my three siblings. We have been enduring her for so long, but lately she did one thing which is almost breaking the family apart. She lied at me that I stole 20,000 naira that she kept in her room. She even insisted that she heard the traces of my leg when I entered her room to steal the money.

My dad found it difficult to believe that I did that, but at the same time he could not discard the claim of her own mother that I actually stole the money. The most shocking thing that happened recently
was that, my grandmother and my dad went to consult this African Juju herbalist and the single name they were hearing was my name. Nobody could believe me again. Not even my own siblings. I can swear with the name of my God and I’m 100% sure I didn’t see the money, let alone steal it. Eventually, my father disowned me, and I was left alone in the world to bear my own fate. Please I need your advice, because presently I’m seriously confused and extremely sad . 

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this issue is beyond what i can give advice on. what i will tell you is to move closer to God since He only understands all

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