Is hope alive? To overcome fear, you have to get rid of negative thoughts because life isn't a bed of roses and this doesn't mean it is going to be a bush of thorns to you. Fear don't solve problems; it is only a distraction. So don't let it weigh you down.
The fear of tomorrow depresses the soul and weakens the mind. It makes people lose interest in what they have in plan to do because they would be afraid of taking any risk; probably because they are afraid of failure or afraid of being failed.

 Fear has become one of the major factors that hinders all and sundry from moving forward because it keeps them away from achieving their desired goals. Some people tend to avoid the scary situations, but this doesn’t and would never help them overcome fear, especially the fear of tomorrow. One of the
things needed to be successful in life is to overcome the FEAR of tomorrow.

Your future expectations appears rough and you fail to understand or perceive what is likely to come after the cloudy moment of nervousness.  Fear is like a tall wall that we see on our path to a certain destination. There are two types of people when it comes to explaining this. The first set are those who fail to understand/visualize the positives that might be behind the wall, and the second are those who always try to depict what is likely to be behind the wall. 

The first set of people are those that have been overwhelmed by the fear, and they forgot that tough times do not last. They allowed the fear to grip them and ultimately they are consumed by it. Eventually they miss out on their course and target. They got stuck at one junction because they spent more time ruminating on how to climb the wall

The second set are those people that see the tall wall, and they are ready to climb because they are eager to see what lies in the plain ground behind the wall (although not palatable for them to climb). They are those that actually know where they are going and where they should be per time. They are the ones that are not ready to settle for less, regardless of how tall the wall is. They are the ones that know fully well that “no fear can overpower their passion to excel in life”. They are the clever ones who choose not to avoid the wall, but rather look for ways to get through it. Is hope alive?

The word "tomorrow" used isn't referring only to the day after today, as what it means literally, but it is also referring to the future which includes today and days beyond. There is a popular saying that your future starts now; but have you tried to really understand what it means? Take a look at this illustration: As a youth who desires to be great in the future, are you going to sleep and wait till "the future" arrives? Certainly not! This is why you have to wake up from your sleep to face and overcome every challenges that comes your way, which includes Fear of the morrow.

 When you have fear in your heart, taking a step forward can be difficult because fear would make you see, hear, think and imagine only negative things. As human, tomorrow is not for us to see. Whether good or bad, it is not for us to decide, but one thing remain constant. It is the fact that “whatever will be will definitely be”. You need not worry yourself about tomorrow. Watch out for the part 3... Is hope alive?



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