I’m not a gay, I don’t support gay, but I don’t reject the gays and neither do I hate them. Despite the fact that people feel the gays are bringing insanity to our society, they deserve to be respected because they are human beings like us.
I believe strongly that this is the same way President Obama and his Government viewed it. If there is a country in the world that operated in the way God would have operated, it is America. I know what I’m about to say in this article may provoke lot of criticism, but permit me to express my view before you
judge me (is hope alive?).

You and I are able to do anything we like because God has given humanity one unquestionable thing, which is “the free will”. I don’t know the exact reason why God chose to allow that, but I feel he believes we human deserve that. One thing I would chip in is that “whatsoever you know how to do, whether good or bad, godly or not, keep on doing it”. Nothing we do will go without judgement.

If God would not destroy humanity despite our hypocrisy and atrocities, who are we to criticize one another? We reject these people because we believe their act is totally ungodly, and we forgot that we, ourselves, are secretly doing things that are more ungodly than gayness. THERE IS NO BIG SIN OR SMALL SIN. "SIN IS SIN". The only people that are qualified to criticize President Obama and America are those people that are 100% free from any open or hidden ungodly act; search yourself! A sin committed when nobody is seeing you is worse than the ones committed publicly, because you are nothing but a hypocrite (is hope alive?).

I think Mr. Obama would have thought also that these people are not the worst set of people because they haven’t committed murder, neither have they looted the wealth of a nation like some gutless fools. He would have thought to himself; “why not give these people the fundamental right they deserve as a being?”

Even if we decide to curb this act of gayness, firstly we need to show love to them. Show them how important they are to you and to humanity. Then every other thing can follow. (is hope alive?).

                                                                                                   BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO


Are you trying to say gayness is good, or what do you mean?

we have the sense to decipher good and evil even in the presence of the freewill...Whatever you and i are today is premised on deciding what is good and what is bad about our decisions. That you are not an armed robber today is based on the fact that you know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable by moral standards and in the eyes of the aw. Freewill is not a will to run Unclad in the market but will to do that which only makes sense not just to you, but your immediate society. If you refuse to understand this concept, then you may be lost forever

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