If most parents are not selfish, they wouldn’t force their children to choose careers the parents want over the ones their children passionately desire. If the parents are not selfish, they wouldn’t want their children to marry spouse that the parents prefer over the ones their children truly loves. If the parents are not selfish, they wouldn’t want their own pride (among their friends) to come first before their children’s joy.

Although the best (a grace) every child can have is to have their lovely parents right there for them, but the parents sometimes use their selfish acts to change the nature of “this grace”. The truth remains that the parents deserve to be respected and obeyed. They are the best! 
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I’m not saying parents are bad or all of them are the same, but 60-70% of the parents are guilty of imposing their selfish desires on their children. Parents consider their personal future benefit before they think of their children’s joy.

Firstly, most parents wants to choose a possible
lucrative career for their children, most times at the expense of their children’s happiness. Using parents with 4 kids as an example; they would want, by their self-design alone, the first born to be doctor, second engineer, third to be a lawyer, and the fourth, a pet. Engineer. The parents act as if they are the sole architect of their children’s future.

 The parents (mostly the fathers) would want to choose the professions of their children even before they started talking (this is nothing, but a selfish act/decision). They always think they should be the deciders of the children’s fate, forgetting that these children deserve their own right to be what they want to be in their lives.

The parents, especially the father, do this because they feel it would make them proud, or it would make people respect them in the society, or because they feel it is going to be of huge profit or benefits for them in the near future (see another selfish act here). Is hope alive?
Most children’s destinies are altered, and some destroyed, because of the influence of the selfish interest of their parents. Ultimately, these categories of children couldn’t fulfil their life purpose just because they lead their lives fulfilling other person’s desire or wish, by compulsion. I used to have a friend during my high school days. The boy always wanted to be a movie Actor. 

He has that strong passion for acting since his childhood days, as I was told. You wouldn’t stay with the boy for two days without noticing the talent in the boy. But he told me his father have always wanted him to be a medical doctor. He said his father used to say that 90% of his friends’ children produce one or more medical doctor in their families. My friend told me his father went extreme by telling him he would not contribute to his education again if he chooses to go for any other profession beside medicine and surgery. My friend was forced to go to a science class instead of art, because he was left with no other choice…

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``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO


Its not news now. Parents are selfish, the selfishness doesn't stem from hate, but from love.

Parents just need to stop dat nonsense.

Parents have seen what obtains in the Nigerian system. They honestly want the best for their wards. It's the fear of unemployment in Nigeria that makes parents push their wards to do courses that they consider very relevant to surviving this present State of hardship in this country. But how they go about choosing the future for their kids matters a lot, for the parents may cause more harm than good.
If you are a parent, you have to start early preparing the kid's interest in those areas you feel he/she will do well when the child is still young. When he/she is older, they won't depart from that path easily.

Actually parents / people are not selfish enough. If they were, they would care about themselves instead of expecting others to fulfill their dreams.

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