Passion is having a strong feeling towards something. It is a driving force needed to carry out a particular task. People who are passionate towards a particular goal are more likely to do things better than those who are just doing it because they have no choice. Passion gives strength which makes you to enjoy what you are doing while others are just enduring it.
Using a candle stick as a case study to have a better understanding, passion is like a candle stick which you have to light for it to brighten up a dark room. A candle stick remains useless until you try to light it up. Likewise passion, it becomes useless if you don’t work on it. You have to light up your candle (working on your passion) for you to be able to see in the dark (having a clear vision).
But as good as a candlestick is when ignited, it blows off if exposed to wind. Likewise passion, it dies off when you don't protect

One of the major factors that kills passion, most especially among youths, is "Laziness ". Having passion towards something doesn't mean it would be fulfilled out rightly except you work towards it. Living a life based on wishes and fantasies without work is just a waste of time.
Another factor that kills passion is letting people's word of praises get deep inside your head. When you let people's praises get into you, you are prone to shifting your passion from your actual desire to "getting people's approval". For instance, if you have the passion to make an impact in people's lives and you work tremendously fulfilling this, it is certain that people appreciate and praise you for what you are doing, which is okay, but you have to be very careful so as not to get intoxicated by it. 

Or you might end up shifting your passion from "making an impact" to “trying to please people" and when "the people" are no longer around to see and praise you, frustration sets in. So you have to know what you are really passionate about and stay focus on it. No matter what anyone says to you don’t let it kill your passion.

   Do you have passion for writing? Get a pen and start writing; or is it football that makes you happy? Go outside, get a ball, join your school team or create one. Start playing the ball! If it is singing that you desire, don’t just sleep there. Get up, join the choir, record your voice, and start singing. Don’t just continue to wish for this. Start by taking the first step. Whatever you choose to do ensure you don’t let your passion die. Even if you’ve allowed your passion to die at one point in time, it is never too late for you to re-ignite and move on....... Passion is just a desire to do something diligently. Passion is the impetus that keeps you going when others are backing off at the dead end.  It's just a way of enjoying what you do even when it's not perfect.

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