Is hope alive? "Depression"- a tool that weakens the heart, soul and body. The thought of addressing  this almost made me depressed when I realized that majority of people who are depressed might never get to read this because one of the things depression does is making people lose interest in everything. They tend to lose interest in working, eating, sleeping and talking; even reading becomes a problem.

Why are you depressed? Why are you so down that you thought all hope is lost? Or are you asking yourself is hope really alive? I want you to know that you can get over it if you are willing to. Instead of getting depressed why not seek for solutions to the problems. Depression can never be solved by remaining depressed.

 Being depressed about a particular condition can never change the fact that it has happened. We don't have the privilege to change what
has happened in the past but we can adjust our present situation for a restructured future, if only we give ourselves the chance. For instance if you accidentally pierce your hand with a knife, the first thing you do is to put away the knife; but after this are you going to watch your blood drip without trying to do something to stop the bleeding? Certainly not! That's exactly what you need to do when any problem arises. Try controlling the situation and not the other way round.

Depression is a state of feeling sad without hope. It affect people physically. It makes people look old, pale and tired. It also causes emotional instability and psychological problem such as swing of mood. Research has made it known that majority of people who commit suicide are people who are suffering from depression, but were not strong enough to cope or manage it. Depression makes life look so boring for people. It makes one feel so lonely and isolated even when there are people around.
·         Instead of lamenting over an issue why not rejoice for hope is still alive.
·           Instead of quitting, why not try it in a different way for hope is still alive.
·           Instead of keeping your problems to yourself why not seek for solutions for hope is still alive
·         Instead of closing your eyes to the problems you encounter today why not open your eyes for you to see the hope for a better tomorrow.
Hope is alive because you are alive.

   There are different ways you can get over a bad situation, rather than getting depressed. You can talk to friends about it as it would help you relax your mind. If you are the type who don't keep friends, you can go to a counsellor or a psychologist as these people are trained to handle such situation better. Do things that make you happy. Engage yourself doing something, avoid staying idle because an idle mind is at higher risk of getting depressed. Eat well, sleep well, and don’t deprive yourself a chance to get over your problems. You have to understand that many people have been through your present problem and overcame it. If you have them around you, try to mingle with them as this would you help you know how to handle your situation. Depression is never a solution to any problem so don't let it get into you.

Don't just read this article and forget about it. You can help people around you who are depressed. Don't leave them alone; they need you even if don't ask for it. A little talk with them can go a very long way. Some might be so adamant that they will never tell you their problems even when you ask. Don’t be discouraged by that, but let them know someone still care about them. With this you re contributing you quota in making this world a better place......

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``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````BY: AROWOJOLU BUKOLA

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