You don’t know the true color of people until they get power at their disposal. In whatever you do in life, always remember that beauty fades, Power fails, position expires and even the value of money fluctuates. Never look down on people because no condition is permanent. Position is not only the place of power; your beauty can be your power, your money can be your power, your education can be your power and knowledge can be your own power. But how do you use this power in dealing with people? Has the power consumed you to the extent that you forget that no forever-nothing last forever?

Once you are no longer in that position then honor is gone. Eventually, they would treat you the same way you've treated them.
You think you would remain in that position forever?
You think what goes up doesn’t come down? 
You think the power can
buy you an immortal life?
You think you are indomitable?

I don’t know what goes into people’s head that makes them forget their root whenever they attain a seat of power.  I don’t know why people forget who they were whenever they get there. But three things I’m sure would be the fate of power.
        I.            It is either you drop the power reluctantly or
      II.            It is taken from you forcefully or
    III.            You die while on power

Money, Fame, Beauty, Position, Age or whatever you've been privileged to have shouldn't make you to look down at others. Life is full of diversity; we cannot always have exactly the same thing in life. Because someone is not as good as you are in what you do doesn't mean they can't be better than you in something else. No matter how proud a peacock is because of its feathers, it can never fly as high as a vulture which is usually referred to as an unattractive bird. We are meant to complement each other and not compete with each other.

In short, sooner or later, you would leave the seat of power that you have been grabbing to your bosom greedily. I had the opportunity to watch the transition of power from one president to another, after the completion of their tenure. I saw how power changes within a twinkle of an eye. I saw how followers’ attention switched from one leader to another within a short moment.

You are absolutely missing it if you are in a position today and you keep maltreating your followers. You are making a life mistake if you are in a position today and you keep rubbishing your root while polishing others that didn’t endure with you when it was thick and thin. You are in a position today, tender mercy and good justice are never your accomplice? What a path to destruction you are treading. You are in a position today, pride and no-respect for humanity are your clothes? The truth is you are on the course to fall.

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