Where is your ship heading to? Is it towards north, east, south, or west? In the word "Relationship", we find "SHIP" as the last four letters. In every relationship you find yourself, there is always a need for you to have a designed destination and plan towards it for you to keep moving till you get there.   I'm going to lay more emphasis on the relationship we usually refer to as "dating/courtship".

 Are you in a relationship with someone yet you don’t know where your ship is heading to? It is time to get things straightened out in order not to end up in the middle of the sea with no direction or bearing. Being in a relationship just to have fun and enjoy yourself is not different from someone who sailed a ship round the sea and ends up at his/her starting point.

 image source: getty images  Is your ship sinking? 
Are you already lost in the middle of the sea or do you always find yourself ending up at your starting point? There is no need for you to panic or worry too much. All you need to have is a clear understanding of what you are doing for you to be able to correct the situation. One of the vital things needed in a relationship is having a common
goal; that is, sharing the same vision. A ship cannot go towards two opposite direction at the same time, which is why you have to share a common goal. Many people experience problem with their partners because they assumed to having the same vision. But after they are already in the relationship they discover that they were wrong; then problems set in as they have to decide whose direction they are to follow.

 For instance when you board a ship, the first thing you do is to tell the sailor where you are going. If the sailor is going towards your direction, he lets you in, but if not, he goes his and you go the other. It is not until after you've gotten to the middle of the sea that you ask if he or she is going towards your direction. If you ignorantly believe love is blind and you decide to close your eyes and accept to go into a relationship without knowing whether you both share the same vision or not, it is better for you to keep the eyes closed throughout the journey till your partner gets to the destination he desires. Conversely if you decide to open in the middle of sea, you may discover that you are heading towards the direction you do not desire. 

Ultimately, it is either you jump into the sea or you are compelled to accepting your fate. If you are lucky you might be given another chance to retrace your step & get another ship (but remember, “Time is waiting for no man”). Instead of facing this kind of problem at the middle of the sea, why don’t you do what is right at the starting point before sailing?   Having a vision is not all. You also need to draft a plan as it would serve as a guideline towards reaching your destination. Before sailing a ship, you need a map with which you use to detect if you are going towards a wrong or right direction. Likewise, every relationship needs to be well planned. You have to ensure that the plan is a mutual plan in order not to experience confusion. 

Have you ever boarded a taxi before and you discover that the taxi driver takes you through a direction you are not familiar with, yet you got to the destination you requested for? For instance, if I am in the middle of a cardinal point and I want to get to the West, I can decide to go directly from the middle of the cardinal point and I can as well decide to pass through North, East, or South before getting to the West. You have to understand that even though you share the same vision with your partner, there are different routes by which you can get to the destination. It is down for both of you to figure out the path to follow in order to avoid confusion or argument in the middle of the sea.   Another thing needed is LOVE, as it keeps you and your partner together during trials. Love is like an anchor that is used to pin/hold a ship to prevent it from destroying storms or other unfavorable conditions.

 A ship without an anchor is at high rate of encountering danger, likewise a relationship without love. You might have mutual destination and a map, but if there is no anchor attached to the ship it might end up sinking. When you love your partner you tend to care, trust, encourage and understand the person. These are the things needed to make the journey interesting and not making the other person fed up of the journey before getting to the destination.   A relationship is just like a ship that is used to convey you and your partner to your desired destination. But after getting to the destination what next? Watch out for our article on "What's next?"

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I always play the role of a Captain in the relation'ship'

This thread is not meant for me.I don't av a"Ship" .

This thread is not meant for me.I don't av a"Ship" .

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