Yeah this article is for you that have the intentions, the passion and the dream of doing something great but there is no available resources to back you up. Eventually, you keep doubting yourself if you can achieve your goal or not. It is hurting your passion; it is hurting you every other day.

You want to fly, but you have got no wings? You look to the left and to the right, you see nobody other than yourself. Even when you see people, they offer you nothing but disappointment, castigation and discouragement. 
Most of the times you feel lonely. You feel sorry for yourself when nobody sees what you see, and especially when they perceive not in the way you do. Nobody seems to hear your craving and crying heart. Sometimes you are suffocating in the midst of the street but no one can see u dying with the big dream. Nobody is ready to lift your hands. Even the few that believes in your dream are not ready to help you unless they have in return something that would cost you what you are morally obliged not to give out.

You see your friends flying, while it seems to you that you are
doing nothing but crawling. You know you can do it, but conditions and your environment are debarring you from doing so. Not because you are lazy, but it seems everything is just working against you. You try the first step, it didn’t work out well. It was with pain and struggle that you climbed the second step. Now the next step is taking you many years of relentless effort, but no sign of victory yet for you. Sometimes you think you are a failure. You start believing you are doomed to fail in life. You get to the breaking point, and you start giving up.

Have you ever thought of the reason why the eagle go farther than other birds in the sky? It is because in the midst of the storm, the eagle doesn’t fly with the wings; it soars and that is why it reaches the height other birds don’t reach. In short, you can fly without moving the wings. You need to start realizing that you are in the midst of the storms of life where things are not palatable; where all things would seem to be working against you. And in the storm, flying is not useful. You need to soar without moving your wings.

I want you to look at two of the main characteristics of the eagle; THE TENACIOUS AND THE FEARLESS part OF THE EAGLE. Watch an eagle when the storm comes. When other birds fly away from the storm with fear, an eagle spreads the mighty wing (which should be your own WILL-POWER, FOCUS AND FAITH) and use the current to soar to greater heights. The eagles take advantage of the heavy storms that other birds fear and head for cover. Challenges we face in life are many. But they are the storm we must face and soar over for us to rise to the apogee. You don’t have to run away from it or doubt yourself because it seems you don’t have the required wings to fly like your mates are doing.

According to the late Dr. Myles Munroe, an eagle doesn’t scavenge on the ground and grumble and complain all day long. They would rather fly and make less noise waiting for opportunities to glide with the current of the storm. Do not forget that your WILL-POWER is your wing that no other man can give or take away from you. That is all you need to soar above the challenges of your life.
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```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO

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