There is a cost or a price to pay for almost everything in life including freedom. This is a true statement and is easily understood when you buy something or render a service for a certain sum of money. All forms of payment is thus regarded as the cost; whether they are in cash or in kind. Some cost or price are easy to pay and are done without the slightest thought to the price paid while others are steep, and are often regarded as the ultimate price, one’s life.

This type of cost or price are hardly ever forgotten when paid and remain in loving memory in the hearts of those whose such a price were paid for.
The real questions thus surfaces, is there anything truly worth the price of someone’s life? The questions is no simple one even though
many people would agree without hesitation that nothing is worth the price of life. But upon a deeper reflection comes concepts which, when truly dwelt upon in honesty and real devotion, may spur an individual to pay the ultimate price or make the ultimate sacrifice as it is often regarded as or may see life as worthless without them.

 The dimensions of these concepts that may make a person voluntarily pay the price of his/her life are certainly above the physical and transcends common reason. Share madness you may call it, but these people whose courage scares our imagination have a name they call it. They call it “SACRIFICE”.
Freedom amongst others, such as true love and purpose, are reasons considered as worthy enough endeavors to pay the price of life. But should freedom of all, which is natural tendency for all humans, come at a price or cost? And if your answer is to the affirmative, then to whom shall such a price be paid to?

Certainly one or two people that deserve it. Right? So what is the cost of freedom?
Take for instance a country under a colonial rule seeking her freedom or independence to be a sovereign nation; certainly the price of such freedom would be steep and is often expressed as wars, strife, gun battles and invariably, loss of life. Should the freedom be won, you would agree that it was worth the lives lost. No?

What about the concept of purpose where a person pays the price of his or her life just so that others are spared or a discovery is made or an illumination is born, as to the importance of the course or purpose to which such a person paid the price. If we agree that freedom worth lives lost, we can infer that one of the price or cost of freedom is thus life itself. But maintaining freedom won requires a huge commitment in guarding such a treasure as freedom. Thus one’s life is both lived and lost in true freedom, which is, trying to secure it.

But what is freedom in the first place? Is it the absence of laws or the presence of it, or is it the right to do whatever a person so desires? Or doing the right thing even when a person is free or not bounded to do the right thing? Truth is, to stay free simply implies being bounded by certain laws which a person so chooses in other to maintain their freedom. Thus true freedom can only be realized when a person has the right to life and makes right choices to stay alive. And invariably, the right choices which most often are seen as restrictions and becomes the price to stay free (the cost of freedom). Thus freedom, whichever way seen, comes at a cost either in gaining it in the first instance or maintaining it afterwards. In this light we are never truly free because of the responsibility of real freedom.

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nothing like absolute freedom bruh

Freedom is Salvation and the cost is a Prayer and Praise to God.

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