No candle ever lost its light by lighting up another. But can all of us shine? Except you are no light at all, that is when you would be scared of lighting another person; that is when you would be afraid of lifting another hand; that is when you would be willing to keep all you have to yourself; that is when you would be worried of catalyzing another person to his/her place of glory and that is when you would have hiccups seeing other people glowing.

The most disgusting of all is that some people, by default, CHOOSE TO BE A PROBLEM TO HUMANITY RATHER THAN BEING A PROGRESS TO. They are not ready to light, yet they wouldn’t allow other people to get lightened up. They prefer to see their neighbor to be in darkness as they are. Seeing stagnancy
is what makes them invariably happy.

The sky is big enough for all people to shine.  The fact that everybody cannot shine should never occur to you or be an excuse for not helping others; it shouldn’t be a concern for you neither. Choose not to be among progress hinderer. You know the irony of “THE TOP”? The space at the top is always large enough to occupy everybody (far more than the space below), but just a few would reach there. If you are not ready to provide a seat for someone coming up, why can’t you just provide a space for that fellow, and allow him/her to fight for his/her seat? Do not look at this statement in the literary term. Pause for a second and ruminate on this. If you wouldn’t add positively or neutrally, it is better you stay away from contributing negatively.

I can remember few years back when I was playing football with my friends. The older and better footballers picked themselves to form a team of four each, and the remaining people (the so called remnants) are the younger ones without experience and good football skills. I was the only older person among them. I had no choice but to select these guys. When it was our time to play, the younger guys were nervous and despaired. Eventually we lost the match after just two minutes of entering the pitch. I observed their point of weakness and I tried my best to give them all the encouragement I could. When it was another round for us to play, I told them these: “c’mon boys we can do this, we can beat them. I believe football is a game of fun. We are not playing to win trophies. Enjoy your game to the fullest. Don’t mind the fact that these people are bigger, older, better, and more skillful than we do. Mistakes are very much allowed here. If you lose the ball, no problem. Just pick up yourself and run to gain the ball. Do not mind their tackles. We can do this. You guys should not complain when another flaws”.

At the end of the game, we drew the match, and aftermath, we succeeded in defeating all other groups that played that day. The boys were motivated beyond what I expected. The morale was extremely high. Even when they were tired, they didn’t give up. That is the power of trying to encourage others. By so doing, you tend to light up the glory and the strength in them.
Check yourself today! Is your action debarring others from shining?

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