The way you feel whenever someone lied to you is not different from the way others feel when you lie to them; irrespective of how good the reason could occur to you.  This is why it is always advisable to have a deep thought before giving people your words.
Many people do say that it is hard to tell the truth most especially when they know it would hurt the person, but when you try to comfort people with lies, it would only last for a while till when the person finds out the truth, which cannot be predicted. And when the person finally finds out the truth, they might be more depressed than the way they would have been if you had told them the truth earlier. That moment, your comfort
becomes useless because it would be hard for the person to believe whatever you say again. 

No matter how close someone might be towards you, don't deprive the person a chance to the truth. For it is better to hurt someone with the truth than to comfort the person with thousands of lies. Also when you tell a lie be prepared to tell more lies to cover up, and when you run out of lies, confusion sets in. The irony is “as hard as or as bitter as the truth could be, it gives us peace of mind in the long run”.

Truth brings honor to people, while lies brings out the fool in them. For instance, if you ask me a question and I replied with a lie, I have to always remember that exact lie because if you ask me another time, and I give a different answer, you can imagine how awkward it would be. But if I had told you the truth from the onset, I wouldn't have to memorize and bother my head with the answer I gave you. Is hope alive?

Men and women of dignity are those who gave out their words and stood by it. They are those who tell the truth always. When you are known for the truth it attracts good people towards you and chase away bad people.  For instance, if you are known as a truthful person in your place of work, whenever your co-workers are gossiping or doing something bad they tend to keep quiet and comport themselves immediately they sight you from afar. That is what truth is capable of doing. It makes people strive to do the right thing when they see you even just at the mention of your name.

Before I come to a conclusion, I would like to share one of the experiences I had with lies. On one fateful, day my aunt sent me an errand with some amount of money to buy some things, which I did. When I got back home she asked me for her change and immediately I answered her "The woman asked me to come back for the change", even when I knew it was a lie; for the woman didn't ask me to come back and neither did I receive any change, but I had to lie because I thought I misplaced the money. After few minutes I realized that my aunt was wrong.

She actually miscalculated the amount she gave to me but I ended up giving her the change from my money and I was unable to explain myself because if she finally agrees that she was wrong then, what happens to the "the woman I claimed asked me to come for the change?" perhaps I would have to use another lie to cover up.
I began to wish that the time could be re-winded for me to say the truth; for that was the only ground that can be used to defend myself. There are many people who had such an experience or even something worse and had wished they had the courage to say the truth. If you hate regret, then you would hate the opposite of truth.

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``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````BY: AROWOJOLU BUKOLA


In the midst of soo many words there are lies that is why I am weary of people that talk too much.

My friend told me some real hard and bitter truth.. thought that was the end of the friendship..
Now I am willing to go to the moon and back for him

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