Remember "not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much". It is not a function of how much you give, neither is it measured on how big it looks. It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. Even a smile, a hug and a shake, with a deep and genuine sense of it can go a long way putting smile on another person’s face.

It means more than you may think. It makes the person feel loved; feeling loved tells the fellow that some people out there still care; and the feelings of “being cared for” reignites hope for tomorrow.
Are you still there
underestimating the power of your action? Do you still think you cannot contribute to humanity unless you become one of the wealthiest man? You think because human race is cruel, and thus you wouldn’t contribute your quota in lifting the dreams of the less-privileged?

Hang this rightly on your neck: “to whom much is given, much is expected..." Although you might not have much in terms of finances, know that you've been blessed beyond measures through the gift of life. Today, rise from your zone of comfort, ignorance and ingratitude, and radiate the effect of such a blessing to those who don't have the same privilege you enjoy by grace.
Huh, wait! I’ve got two questions for you: Is hope alive

        I.            How do you feel when you contribute/inflict nothing but agony, pain, problems, hindrances and calamity on another fellow?
      II.            How do you feel when you bring joy, success, smile, assurances and hope to another fellow?
You know what? Doing either of the two is not mandatory; neither is it compulsory for life. It is a choice for you. It is just a reflection of how your heart is. If you know doing the former gives you an inexplicable happiness and joy, then keep doing it! You wonna choose inflicting pain on your neighbor? Then keep it up!

Well, thank God you aren’t God, because if you are, the rain from the sky will be made to fall on you and your family only. The sun that shines during the day will be available for only your household. The moon that reflects in the night will not go beyond your nuclear vicinity. Even if you are against helping others or you contribute not in rendering a service to humanity, will you stop the rain from falling or the sun from shinning? With or without you, the good work will continue. But the beauty of it is that you become a partaker of it, and when death closes your eyelids, you will be glad on your way to heaven that you have lived your life, not for yourself, but for the world around you.

Hmm, a little help; a big smile. This statement has more significance than it may seems. Also as I always believe, disappointment comes when you put your hope in man, and that is why you don’t have to expect in return from the people you help. When you expect, you are no more helping, but you are doing a trade-by-batter form of business.  Your happiness and rewards should come when you see the unhappy becomes happy, the hopeless becomes hopeful, and when you touch a life to put smile on “the face” again. Raise someone’s hands today and see where your hands would be.

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