Ever heard the words look back? What comes to your mind? Probably warning that something bad or dangerous was coming from behind you or maybe just a silly joke or trick on you by a naughty friend. Whichever the scenario above, the phrase “look back” either saved you or made no difference at all.

In our today contemporary society, “Look back” is more often than not, seen and described as a negative action because it is seen to be holding into one’s past, not letting go, being limited by our past actions and a core reason why progress cannot be made as well as a sure reason we cannot fully live in the present. Rather than look back, we hear words such as: “don’t look back, let go, forget the past, grow up
, stay focused and live in the present”.

These positive words and phrases have been so publicized that there is now a tacit and subtle disapproval to the phrase “look back”. We now only see it in varying shades of negativity. To the extent that it almost becomes impossible to see the other side of this coin. But can there really be another side to this? Something positive, applaud-able, a ray of hope, peace, value and many more treasured virtues when we look back? Hmm, is hope alive?

Somehow, we may all agree that there is some good in every bad event. More like a lesson to learn. It will also be true to say, every bad experience brings a valuable lesson with it. No wonder, those that try to help us through our weakest and saddest moments in life always say things like “EVEN IN THIS, TRY TO SEE THE GOOD OR LOOK FOR THE LESSON TO LEARN”. All pointing to the fact that there is always something valuable that can be gained from even the worst experiences or occurrences.

So also the phrase “look back”. This phrase, just like a double edged sword, has extreme negative effects as well as an amazing positive application. But what on earth can be positive, uplifting, encouraging, beautiful and worthy of, when we look back? A whole lot!
If you were to drive a car that had no speedometer and mileage gauges, how would you ever know how fast you are moving or the distance you have covered?

 It would be practically impossible. But you certainly smile when you travel a long distance, knowing how far you have come. The share satisfaction of the distance covered and things seen on the way is enough reward for the stress of the journey. But looking back offers so much more and should be seen as the real reason why we can truly appreciate things.

TAKE A LOOK BACK right now and realize that you have come a long way in life. Imagine for a few minutes that there was a time you could not even read something like this because you were really small. Probably, you could attempt three words such as AAR, BAA, DAA, etc.; words that made no sense so that if this write-up was brought to you then, it would have made no sense at all. Just something to be put in the mouth. You must also remember that you were only a kid with diapers on at this time. 

But today, you can read this with a smile on your face just because you did LOOK BACK at your childhood and a lot has changed. You have become an adult or probably a youth and your parents or people who knew you at birth or when you were a lot younger wear a big smile because they look back and remember how you use to be. Thus a surge of emotions and gratitude springs out in word like wow! Just like yesterday and I’m so happy for you.

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