topic 39: LOOK BACK AND GAUGE YOUR LIFE! (episode 2)

If you are 20 years old, look back at when you were really little and smile at all the crazy things you did that meant a lot to you. You would realize you are thankful for it. And even though they may and will never come back, you are grateful you passed through.

 A business woman or woman? What about the days (looking back) when the business was not established and all that you wanted was to bring that dream to pass. Now its past but you can only remember and appreciate the
effort and the blessings when you LOOK BACK. It may be that you now have a degree, a skill, a family, a wife, a savings, children, a home, a new car, a job, a sound health, another birthday, friends, etc.

 It may even be that you have now found a reason or a purpose for your life or you are a leader, statesman, teacher, preacher, motivational speaker, artist, song writer, pilot, student or whatever you are today.

You would agree looking back makes or helps you see how far you have come and gives you a THANKFUL HEART. It reduces the pressure of urgency, reduces competition, encourages progress, reduces stress, keeps a healthy heart and give you a big smile. The kind of smile that gives your life a beautiful meaning, even when there is still so much to accomplish; a smile that helps reassure others of the beauty in life amidst the evidence to the contrary. 

A smile that may make people call you mad when you smile often all. But they don’t understand that you are sourcing strength, conserving victories, learning from mistakes and making better plans by just looking back. Nothing gives a greater sense of value and gratitude when you truly LOOK back.
LOOK BACK now (not in the literary term)! You may realize, that’s what has been missing in your life
If you look back today, what would you see? Taking positive out of all difficult situations is one of the path to success. Look back, count your blessings and subtract your shame, sorrow, pain and agony. You would know you have got many tangible reasons to thank God for. Looking back will give you chance to retreat for you to re-strategize on how to face the next phase of your life. It gives you chance to examine yourself, know your status (in terms of progression or regression and/or appreciation or depreciation), learn your mistakes in the past, and ultimately it gives you the opportunity to refresh.

Looking back needs a bold determination with a positive mindset because some people had looked back in the past, but they were not strong enough to look forward again. They were demoralized because the agony of the past overwhelmed and subdued them. You can’t afford to have the same tragic ending simply because your greater dream of life is yet fulfilled. Be strong!

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