As each day passes by, you realize the farther you go in life, the higher the walls to climb. You keep climbing and it got to a point where you think the walls and the height wouldn’t finish. Sometimes it happens that immediately you drop from a mountain another one surfaces.

Then you become weary and frustrated. You almost give up on life; you feel like backing off in the middle of the sea because it seems no sign of a dry land is near.

Many times you are depressed because it seems to you that it is a mistake for you to be born into this world. Sometimes you think of maneuvering your ways to climb the mountains of life. You want to circumvent or curtail what you shouldn’t? You think
at one corner of your room, and you conclude ignorantly that a shortcut to success is the way out. You forgot that most times, “the hard way is the only way”, and those who would be diligent, persistent and fervent enough will eat the fruit of the land.
Do you know what shortcut brings? My friend, it shortens your life! It brings your life to a miserable end when it supposed to begin its’ true fulfillment. You end up like a hapless piece of shit when you ought to be as strong as the eagle. Is hope alive?

When we are growing up, our religious leaders, our parents and our mentors assure us that our future would be bright if we remain diligent and hardworking. They told us the future is bright for us if we don’t give up on our dreams.  Motivational books and motivational speakers agitate our spirit and re-ignite our passion. But they often forget to emphasize the fact that the road would not be smooth as we journey through. Hardly do they tell us there are walls and mountains to climb.

The hope is very much alive for you because the challenges you think you are facing today has happened to some in the past. Those who were strong enough to patiently endure it had good stories to tell, but the otherwise were the stories of the ones that got subdued by the scary mountains.

Be careful not to choose the option of cutting down your wall when you ought to climb it. Though the future is not meant for you to design, it is meant for you to decide; and your decision will go a long way in designing your life. What you think you can do today is definitely what you can be tomorrow. Human being has no limit, except the ones you decide to give yourself.

What is your own limitation today that has been hindering you from climbing your wall?
What is that obstacle that makes you think the mountain peak can never be reached?
Go through life knocking out “T” from your can’t.

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``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO

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I have a serious bone I'm cracking right now and these are exactly the same thoughts I entertained while reflecting on how best to come out victorious.
One thing is certain; life is like a school system, you cannot attain greater heights without passing through challenges(the exam) . Your next level experience depends on how well/poorly you manage your present challenges. As for me I've decided to use the stones hurled at me by life to build beautiful mansions.
So if you're going through a tough time, just do your best(as success is an exclusive reserve of hard and right workers ,don't even think of shot cuts), keep your hope alive, find time to smile and do stuffs to plant a smile on another's face... It's well!!

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