Excuses comes from people who are defeated in their lives and have therefore given their lives over to another to further help batter.Therefore, any man who finds something natural to blame for not becoming or achieving what he ought to achieve
is the biggest failure of all. You are designed unstoppable.

I have discovered the irony of life to be that the very reasons why some failed are the same reasons why others succeeded. Our thought are like
sails for the ship we are boarded in life. They are like the anchors that determine the direction we are headed in life. Whichever direction we think towards is where our live moves towards. Your thought is the future of your life. They are the blueprints of your destiny. Is hope alive?

 A man who wants to change his life should start by changing his thought.
According to what the designer said in that part we read below, He said our limits are our imagination. Someone once said, “If you think you can, you can and if you think you cannot, then you can’t”. The bottom line is that “you can never be greater than what you think about yourself”.
“behold the people is one, and they have one language, and this they begin to do, and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Of all God’s creation, man is the only one left with such immense power.

 It takes a power beyond natural to stop a man who is determined to do something; how much more when he walks with the maker of the universe in an attempt to achieve anything.
Thinks about the greatest inventions man ever created; imagine the weaponry, imagine science and all its discoveries, technological miracles, etc., do you know that no matter how worthless anyone think you are, the greatest of man’s inputs and efforts can never be measured with the worth of a single man? Is hope alive?

Man has succeeded in creating a fellow man simply because it is absolutely impossible for man to create man. Man cannot create man, even if you think you are ugly, dumb, sick, foolish, worthless, or good-for-nothing, or whatever else you want to call yourself, just bear in mind that you are still beyond the comprehension of the greatest scientist or scientific discovery of all time. It simply means there is something marvelous, special and amazing about you that you refuse to know due to your ignorance and inferiority complex. The greatness inside you can do something no man can imagine. What is inside of you is beyond what the most brilliant man can comprehend.

An estimate of a human being recorded in terms of cost was placed at over 6 billion dollars. So the next time someone says you are too fat, just tell them you worth much more than them. Never ever say someone or something stopped you from becoming something because no one, not even a mountain, is big enough to stop a man who carries a God on the inside.

Here is a little something for those great minds who are being threatened by challenges of life set before them. One thing is sure, which is “YOU CAN’T GIVE UP NOW”, else you will be termed a failure. Nobody says it will always be sweet and rosy all the way but one thing is certain; there is always a way if there is a wheel. Though you are down, you are bouncing right up now because even if you fall seven times you have a mandate to rise up again the seventh time. You can never be defeated. You must win this fight!

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