Is hope alive? If it were to be the color of the skin, Obama would never be the president of America
If it were to be how short someone is, Lionel Messi would not have been nobody you are
If it were to be how poor your background is, Ben Carson would be nowhere to be found.

Someone once said that there is no man hindering any man, rather every man’s mountain is ignorance.
Brother, sister, what is crippling you?
Who says you must walk when you are built with the capacity to run?
What is commanding you to
kneel when you can stand?

Who says you must keep quite where you are supposed to speak out?
Why are you like a dead man when there is so much energy bubbling on your inside?
Why do you suffer when you were created to rule?
Why do you weep or worry all day when the world is waiting for you to do something?
You can’t afford to remain bound by the limitation you or anyone has created for you.

The mountains you see are only a reflection of your shadows; they are never real. Take a bold step today, stand up, wake up, charge up and rise up because you were designed to succeed. It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed. All that matters is you succeeding at last. You cannot stop now, not while you are about to win. Remember it is usually darkest at dawn just before day. The fact that nothing is working now is just a confirmation that it’s almost morning.

The greatest enemy of man is his sight. What and how a man sees determines who he becomes. Like the slogan that says “we look but see differently”. Some people see and are called ONLOOKERS, some see for others and are called SEERS even though most times never really see for themselves. Some see and are called the VISIONARY while others see and do, and are called THE WORLD CHANGERS. There is one major difference between you and the over 7 billion people living on planet earth today and that difference is what you see http://bit.ly/1PrZBzV.

Do you see enough to make you great or do you see only what you want to eat? Do you see only the house or car you want to buy? If these are the only things you see, permit me to tell you that you are very short sighted and may never be seen or heard in life. The world you don’t see cannot affect. If you can see it, you can take it. Is hope alive?

I hear the story of a young boy who desperately wanted to succeed. He ran to his mentor and asked what he could do to become a successful person in life. The first day, his mentor smiled and the next day he asked again, and like yesterday, his mentor said nothing. Over again he continued asking. His mentor, knowing fully well he could not swim, took him for a stroll beside the pool, and suddenly he pushed the boy into the pool and watched him gasp for breath, as he tried so much to survive. After a while he saw the boy was almost drowning and so see offered him a hand out of the pool. Once out of the pool. The mentor asked this question: “while you were in the pool, what was the one thing you needed the most”? Without hesitation, the young boy said all he needed was air, at least to survive the moment. Then the mentor said “if you will desire success as much as you desired air while you were drowning, then you will succeed”.

Success isn’t what others think about you, but what you think about yourself. It has much to do with you and a little with others. Once you configure yourself with the right settings for success, then every challenge that comes your way will be interpreted as a God sent opportunity to climb higher. People who complain a lot about people and things do so because they have a problem with themselves. Those who avoid challenges are called the coward of life. Whatever challenges life brings is a set-up, divinely arranged to take you up. Every problem you solve makes you wiser and better.

The next time a challenge comes our way, just know that God is giving you another chance to grow and be an expert. Never stop trying and remember that “if you think you can, you can, and if you think you can, then you can. Hope is alive.

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