topic 43: ENEMY IS A MUST IF YOU MUST GROW (episode 1)

Though they pretend to be friends, your failure gladdens them. You need not to be afraid of them because if you must reach the zenith of your dream, enemies would certainly be part of the adventure.

You must learn to deal with them wisely for them not to be an obstacle for you, but rather a propellant. The zeal to overcome their actions and bad expectation for you should rather be your feedback response. The critics are always many, but those who are ready to build your dreams in
life are few.

Do you know what the enemies of your progress want? Do you know what gives them joy? It is the fact that they want you and them to remain at the same pace or the same horizon of life. They don’t want you to go above them; seeing you behind is what will give them an unspeakable joy. Close your eye at this moment and try to picture them; they are right there in your family; they are among your close allies and friends, they are in your place of work; your household; your mosques or churches, to mention a few. So tell me: how on earth can you do without them? But the ability to use them as your stepping stones and impetus would take you to places. This would be the best response to their hypocritical deeds.

The backbiters and gossipers of your progress will continue to do so when you are on the right path. They would speak well about you when you are around, but behind you, it is the opposite that fill their mouth. You need not to despair about what you accidentally overheard them saying about you, but rather embrace them and take a positive out of every conspiracy against you. They won’t talk about you if you are nobody. Except you, yourself, aren’t sure where you are destined to be, you would be daunted or perplexed by their questionable loyalty towards you.

Sometimes a “stupid-like pretense” is what you need to stay or live successfully with them, "if you must win". You can’t afford to discard them for myriads of reasons. The ability to live with them without being intimated is called wisdom. How much wisdom have you got inside of you to embrace them, even when you know these people have just one intention (which is your “FALL”) for you?

Have you ever thought about the fact that you need your enemies more than you do your friends, for you to progress and succeed in life? Your friends will most times motivate you verbally when you are down, but most times they fail to bluntly correct you because of the respect they have got for you. Watch out for the episode 2 of this topic. Coming out soon.

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This is just what happens in life and it's very unfortunate some of us youths know this but find it hard to accept. Good work OP

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