When the heart is emotionally broken and shattered, you need someone. But who is that person that deserves that privilege or chance? Who is that person to be trusted again?
You need that special person that can restore the beauty of yesterday. Is hope alive?

That person that will remind you the true meaning of love.
That person that would redefine that moment of emotional affection.

That person that would make you
forget the past and show you the beauty of tomorrow.
That person that would make you believe once again that not all humans is inhumane.
That person that would give you and maintain with you that moment of love.
That person that wouldn’t care about your crooked past, but ready to thrive the morrow by your side.
That person that would make you feel the breeze of love in your heart again. Is hope alive?

That person that would remind you everything you ever dreamed of about love since you were a kid.
That person that wouldn’t judge your flaws but correct you with love.
That person that wouldn’t exploit your weakness for his own selfish interest.
That person that wouldn’t take advantage of your pure heart and undiluted feelings.
That person that would and is ready to switch on the light of love in you.
That person that would reignite your passion for love again.Is hope alive?

That person that would make you experience those beautiful things you dream of when you close your eyes.
Yes, that RIGHT AND SPECIAL GUY IS OUT THERE, but are your eyes opened enough to see him?
Is your mind cleared enough to perceive him?
Is your brain alive enough to sense it?

Yea, I think I know the reason why the disappointment has been so unbearable. He promised you this, he promised you that. He planned things with you but he eventually failed you. He played on your ignorance, took advantage of your weakness and toiled with your emotion. It is a pity you were too blindfolded by love that you couldn’t see the dilutions in his words; you couldn’t see the lies in his lips. Apparently all you saw was the illusion of true love. You were drunk in love to the extent of snubbing the second thought coming from your mind that: “what if this guy has been deceiving me”?  You fell in love and you couldn’t rise to see people warning you. You believed your dream had actually come.

The fact is life and love has no scientific theory to prove or explain it. In science, like charges repel while unlike charges attract, but the otherwise happens in love. In love, like charges attract. So, why calculating love as if it were mathematics? Love doesn’t work that way. In science, 2+2 is 4, but in love, 2+2 may be 22. So that guy you think is mathematically fit enough for your love may not be the TRUE GUY.

But how would you know the true guy? How can you get rid of the broken heart? How can you let go and move on? Watch out for the episode 2 of this topic.

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