…and when death closes your eyelid tomorrow, what would be your joy when you look back on your way to heaven? It is not a new thing to your ear that one day you would leave this earth even if you live on earth more than 1,000,001 years.

If your money can buy you all the good things of life, can it buy you an immortal life? Run into the moon, fly into the Jupiter, or sacrifice 1001 lives for you to escape death, or devise any other means to fast forward your death, the truth
remains death will definitely come to you at her own due time. Death is inevitable! Is hope alive?

Why don’t you take every moment of your life as your last because you don’t know what may happen tomorrow. Death is inevitable, I say again. Nobody pray for or envisage bad thing to happen, but those who fell the victim yesterday were just but human beings like you and me. Dr. Myles Munroe never thought his time would be up on the plane. Paul Walker didn’t know his time would come in that expensive porch.

Go to the mortuary and see how human being are like a hapless lying piece of bread when the life is gone off him or her.

Take a look at it this way; if it comes now, what would it meet in your hand?
You know what? Keep doing bad if that is what you know how to do best.
Keep backbiting and destroying your fellow human being if that is what would bring you joy
Keep being selfish and stingy if you know you would carry all your wealth to heaven when you die.
Keep spending your time criticizing others. 

Yea all your life, you have not seen any good thing in anybody. Nothing seems good to you. You have never in your life spend a moment encouraging or motivating others. All you spend your life on is to gossip, backbite and castigate people. What an ENEMY OF PROGRESS and An absolute PROBLEM TO HUMANITY!

Why are you destroying the world around you when you have the chance to make it better? Why are you holding up to the entitlement of others for your selfish sake and your family? The irony of life: “you may gain all the world today, die tomorrow and a person from nowhere get all you foolishly gathered for yourself”. What a vanity upon vanity! What a shame you are to your Creator!

It is only a foolish man that would say he is sure he would wake up tomorrow to see what he has covetously and greedily gained. Even those people that are doing the right things have no certainty of living to see tomorrow.

Do you want to be a progress or a problem to humanity? Choose today!

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