Even though the condition of your conception was a mistake, she refused to be a murderer.
Even when the circumstances of your birth was unpalatable, she refused to dump you.

Even when the condition of your growth was full of hardship, she refused to reject you.
What a wonderful mother she is! She is the best of all!

She wouldn’t eat unless she is sure you have eaten. She would not drink unless she sees your thirst is quenched. She wouldn’t
sleep unless she is certain you are in a deep sleep. What can you compare to your mama? Who can you liken to your mother? Where would you start the comparison from and where would you end it? Even though she enjoyed the few minutes of your conception, it was with loud noise and pain she conceived you.

Think of the few weeks after your conception; the incessant morning sickness she had; the continual nauseous moment. Think of the nine months of the heavy loads (3 to 3.5kg of you) she carried about in her stomach. You wonna know the magnitude of that? Tie a 3kg of any substance to your stomach and carry it around for a day. Then you have the glimpse of it. Under the sun and in the rain, she is there for you.

Think of the scene that happened the very day you entered this world. 
Think of the pain in the labor room. If you have not been to the hospital labor ward, you wouldn’t know the gravity of that. Think of the moment when the nurses were shouting and screaming at her like a dummy child.

Think of the moment when she backed you for a year or more. You wonna know the gravity of that? Put a 5kg of any substance at your back and carry it around for a day. The pain you caused her day and night. The disgusting shit of yours that mistakenly entered her mouth. The ones she told you and the ones she didn’t.

Are you the type that have rejected your mother because of the mistake she made?
Are you having grudges against your mother because of that misunderstanding between you and her?
Do you think your girlfriend or your wife can do more than all your mama did for you?

Even your dad can never be compared to her. Her place in your life should be special and should not be occupied by anyone. Learn the spiritual meaning of the placenta you shared with her when you were in her uterus, and you would know how important your mother is in your life.

If your mother has offended you, look for a place in your heart to forgive her. Do not think she is stupid. Do not think you are smarter than her. The story of your life is incomplete, and probably wouldn’t start without your mama. Happy mother’s day from “is hope alive”. #mother'sday

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