topic 50: WHAT IS SUCCESS?

How do you define success? This simple question is pivotal to your joy, peace and probably your length of life. You may agree with me that the word “success” is an ambiguous word i.e. may have many meanings.
This is why some people, who may have certain things that others don’t have may not necessarily see themselves as successful.  A few questions may arise when this deep word is mentioned.
Questions such as:
·         What things should a man possess to be seen as successful?
·         Is success only
a function of material things or physical possession?
·         What is the standard or measuring parameter for success in a person’s life?

You will agree with me, that at some point, sometime in your life, you have seen success as having a lot of money or perhaps fame, like the celebrities we see on TV and that has been the standard for you. But somewhere deep inside, you ask yourself if you truly can attain such financial status that make only a handful of people to be seen as successful.

In most cases, many people feel that they may never have certain amounts of money or levels of fame/recognition or whatever truly defines success to them. If you are among those I have described above, I have good news for you, and my aim is to help you establish a healthy definition and perspective of success.

First and foremost, you must understand that each individual is unique. Experience tells us that we all have something on the inside of us that we can do quite differently from others or that others cannot do at all. This should put a big smile on your face because this implies that you are a wealth/success of potential or in potential terms. Think of this inner ability in terms of a product. Something only you can produce and sell, something the whole world needs.

Now, let’s not worry yet whether or not you are producing and selling what you have inside of you, the most IMPORTANT thing is that you are something special; something that can create wealth and really make you successful. This brings us to my simple definition of success:
“Success may be defined as the excelling, growing and increasing in that which makes a person unique and using the entirety of such uniqueness to improve oneself and humanity in general”
                                                                                                            -Adekanye Nelson.

From the definition above, one may begin to find some peace from the many heart breaking definitions of success today, that stirs unhealthy competition and greed in the minds of many people such that, they fail to see themselves as successful, simply because they don’t have certain amounts of money or popularity.
Also, with the above definition, one begins to focus only on themselves and uniqueness and gifts within them, thus initiating the growth of that potential until it manifests itself in monetary terms or fame. Is hope alive?

At this point, I must inform you that irrespective of all the success principles you read about and wish to apply in your life, you may still never get attain certain financial status or even fame. However, that does not mean that you are unsuccessful. As long as you live your life in the beauty and appreciation of that which you have within, seek to improve upon it and use it in the course of improving both yourself and humanity in general, you are a HUGE SUCCESS. Is hope alive?

With this approach, all humans can see themselves and truly be successful even though the yields on our uniqueness, gifts and endeavors may hugely or largely vary based upon factors such as handwork, dedication, discipline, time management, wisdom, knowledge and many others.
I hereby congratulate you because you are already a success. I only encourage you to continuously seek to be better and improve upon that which makes you special and different from everyone else. After all, when all has been said and life on planet earth is no more, what will you truly count for you in terms of success will not be how much you made or lived with or how famous you were, but how much you used that which is within you both for yourself and much more for HUMANITY?

Conclusively, SUCCESS is not a place you are seeking to get to. It is a place you are already at and must of a necessity not waste, misuse or mismanage, but use, to the fullest with all the energies and passions in you to affect both yourself and others positively. The will prove this principle true and sure. It is never and will never be about competitions with others; it’s all about you and how you see yourself.

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