On this final day, I realized the questions that sprang up in my mind were the toughest question I would ever answer in the school environment.
I didn’t realize those questions would be tougher than MTH 101 and PSG 587 exams. They are questions that brought tears to my eyes when I looked back to gauge my life and how far I had gone.

I thought the questions were over until
some rhetorical questions sprang up again. Questions like: “have you ever thought of the fact that one day you would also leave this world like you are leaving your school now? Have you ever thought that you would look back and ask yourselves again many of these questions you couldn’t answer today (and by that time, it would not be based on how you used your 5 years, but how you spent your entire years on earth)”. Is hope alive?

And when death closes your eyelid tomorrow, what would be your joy when you look back on your way to heaven? What would be your own answer when you look back and saw how you maltreated the poor, how you misused the power and the authority given to you, how you gathered greedily everything only to yourself and your family, how you buried your God-given talents and gifts, how you used your wealth, how you impacted lives around you negatively, how you used the words of your mouth to bring down your neighbor. How you gossiped out the success of another fellow, how you debarred the progress of your neighbor.

Do you know life is the most fragile thing on earth? The fact that you sleep and wake up the following morning is nothing but a grace. Your waking up is not determined by how rich you are or how intelligent you are. It is something that is beyond human comprehension. The fact that you don’t know where you may land when you wake up tomorrow should always remind you of the reasons why you should always make life simple for yourself and the people around you.

People may forget the punch you gave them; they may forget the money you gave them; they may forget the words you told them, but can they ever forget how you made them feel? Even if everything is forgotten about you, your impact (positive or negative) can never be forgotten.

As I wrote in one of my previous article (NO FOREVER; NOTHING LAST FOREVER),
“I saw how famous and wealthy the great Michael Jackson was; I saw how powerful Osama Bin laden was; I saw how strong Saddam Hussein was; I read how great Alexander The Great was; I saw how genius Steve Job was; I saw how popular Whitney Houston and her daughter,  Kristina, were (to mention a few). I read and I saw, and I ask myself what is the meaning of life if nothing last forever?” Is hope alive?

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```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO

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