It is a pity that those who understand the true meaning of life are very few. Even some of the few that do, get lost and confused along the way because they couldn’t balance or connect the dots of their present knowledge of life to their future.

Permit me to share with you the story of a man that understand the real meaning of life.
“On His First Day In office, as President of United States of America, Abraham Lincoln entered To Give His Inaugural Address. One Man Stood Up, He Was A Rich Aristocrat. He Said;
"Mr. Lincoln, You Should Not Forget That Your Father Used to make Shoes for My Family"....And the Whole Senate Laughed. They Thought They Had Made
a Fool of Lincoln... But Certain People Are Made Of A Totally Different Kettle.

 Lincoln Looked At the Man Directly In the Eyes and Said
"Sir, I Know That My father used To Make Shoes for Your Family, And There Will Be Many Others Here, Because He made Shoes the Way Nobody Else Can. He Was A Creator. His Shoes Were Not Just Shoes He Poured His Whole Soul Into Them. I Want To Ask You, Have You Any Complaint?? Because I Know How To Make Shoes Myself. If You Have Any Complaint I Can Make You Another Pair Of Shoes. But As Far As I Know, Nobody Has Ever Complained About My Father's Shoes. He Was A Genius, A Great Creator And I Am Proud Of My Father".
The Whole Senate Was Struck Dumb. They Could Not Understand What Kind Of Man Abraham Lincoln Was”.

You know the reason why they couldn’t understand him? It was because he understood the real definition of life. He refused to be oppressed by oppressors. He refused to be mocked by mockers. When you do, every of your reaction or response to human’s action against you is always amazing and shocking to them. Ultimately, they are embarrassed and  forced to be speechless.  

Those who know the true meaning of life find it so easy to make life simple/less complicated for their selves and the people around because they know life doesn’t worth taking hard. Those who understand life don’t brag about what they have or who they are; they are so down to earth. Humility is their accomplice. Those who understand life don’t enter unnecessary competition with people because they know life doesn’t call for that. They only compete with their selves and their past best; they strive to beat their last success. They are champions; they are always ready to face another round of the battle.

Those who understand life find it easy to enjoy the success of others because they know the sky is big enough for everyone to shine. They are the ones that believe they have no limitation in what they can achieve or attain in life. They are the ones that make out abilities from their disabilities. They are the ones that take out positivity from every difficulties and every challenges in each facet of their life. 

They are the ones that refuse to be offended when they are corrected. They are the ones that refused to be embarrassed when they make mistakes because they accept it as a lesson. They are the ones that know verily that no forever, nothing last forever in life. They are the ones that would never get subdued by the power of influence and affluence. Some people mistakenly call them “stupid” because their response towards human actions seems absurd. Hmm, is hope alive?

The most simple and fragile thing of life is life itself. What you should fear most in life is life itself and The Giver of this life. The fact that you should fear life doesn’t mean you should fear losing your life. The best thing you can use to gauge someone who understands the true meaning of life is his/her ability not to fear death.  Life is so fragile that a small blade can take life in less than five minutes. This means “all” what you have lived for, labored for, gathered for years, etc. is no more useful for you in less than four minutes. The life is so fragile that a simple slump or a simple blow to the brain can terminate the life.

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``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO


We don't have the likes of Lincoln in Nigeria, we only have a negative Change Agent

Thank you...good read.

this is inspirational, be the best of what you do, and be proud of your talent

Oh Op, I'm touched. If not that men should be emotionally strong....

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