If parents can fail their children; if wife can disappoint her husband; if brother can let down his sibling; if friends of ages can betray each other; how much more you that you are in no way related to him or her?

C’mon, it is high time you woke up? HUMAN BEING FAILS; human being disappoints, fallibility is meant for human race. Do not trust people with all your heart. Don’t let human promises cling on your neck. Although you
may not totally lose expectation, but loose them if they are firmly tied on your neck for you to have a breathing space to think of “a plan B”.

What is it that he/she promised you that you put all your heart into?
What is it that he/she uttered that you cling onto?
What hope has he/she given that you put all your “all” into?
What words has he/she given you that you yet stuck up to?
Is hope alive?

Don’t be so simple to put all your hopes on what he or she promised; regardless of how genuine it might seems or portrays. If you do, your heart would crack when he or she fails to meet up or fulfill his/her words. Do you know what brings about disappointment? Disappointment ONLY comes “when you expect”, but “a-but” ended your expectation. The level or degree of disappointment now depends on how close, dear, or important that person is to you. It may also depend on the degree at which you ignorantly or foolishly put your hope in the promise of man.
Is hope alive?

I’m not saying you should not trust people at all, but my emphasis says thus: “do not put all your heart, hope and focus on what they promised you. There are definitely many reasons why you should not, you must not and you ought not; both deliberate and indeliberate act of human are pointers for you”. Is hope alive?

Human being is predisposed and his nature is vulnerable to letting you down, even when they didn’t mean to. Sometimes it is beyond what they can control.

The factors are divided into two: the deliberate and the indeliberate. I would list out this factor before I give an example to back them up.

DELIBERATE: for you to know the deliberate reasons, ask yourself the following questions first:
Do you think that man or woman truly like you as a neighbor or a friend?
Do you think that man or woman truly want you to go beyond his or her level in life?
Do you think that man or woman really want any good thing to come out of you?
Do you think he wants you to succeed more than he or she does or more than his own children?
Do you think he or she wants you to reach the heights he or she didn’t get to when he still has the same vigor as you?

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