Hmm, how sensitive are you when dealing with people of such nature. Those people who you think they truly care for you, but within them, they do not. Those people who pretend to be “this” at your presence but they are “that” when you are not around.
Those people who mock you behind, yet give you their words when you are right there. Those people who praise you now, but do the otherwise when you are no more there. Those people who say behind you “God forbid it for them to see you make it through them”. http://ishopealive.blogspot.com.ng/2016/03/topic-54-dont-expect-from-human.html

Oh! Or you think they don’t exist? You think “it is a lie; there is no way on earth this man or woman would this to you? Huh, I can trust this man or woman (boy or girl) with every bit of my life”. Wake up friend! They are right there. Just right there beside you. Yes, that man or woman you just left her office! Yes, that boy or girl you just dropped his or her call! Even that your blood and your family member are predisposed to failing you. Is hope alive?

Sometimes it is not that human tends to disappoint you. It is just that it is beyond their capability or understanding; after all they fail your expectation. They can promise you this or that, and sometimes this may be genuine, but eventually one thing or the other stop them from doing so, even if they try to move heaven and earth to fulfill their promises for you. This I call human limitations that can lead to disappointment. They are much more beyond them. Ultimately they let you down.

INSTANCE 1: I heard the story of a young boy who his brother gave the assurance that he would secure a job for him immediately he finishes his first degree in the university. This man was so certain about securing job for his younger brother, and he often boast that nothing on earth can stop this from happening, in as much as he breathes. The mentality and assurance this innocent young boy had made him to put all his hope on his brother’s words, since his brother has never failed him before. He often brags about this promise when he is in the midst of his friends. But unfortunately for him, the day the job is to be given to him was the same day his brother was sacked because the financial recession in the company.

INSTANCE 2: this happen to someone close to me. This boy was seeking admission into higher institution. He met the admission requirement, but despite that, he thought giving his credentials to people that have influence on the institution would spur his admission process. The man he gave promised him that the admission is done. Without a clear reason, the boy couldn’t secure the admission ultimately. He went back to meet this man, and the man told him that he too doesn’t understand how it happened. Eventually, the boy found out that it was that same man that replaced his name with another person of more preference.

I cannot keep siting examples about disappointment because you have been a victim of such one time or the other. I’m not saying you should be totally cynical about people’s promise for you, what I’m saying in a nut-shell is that unless God helps you or helps the man that promises to help you, you are bound to be disappointed.

Beside, why on earth must you look up to a man that he, himself, is looking up to something else or someone else for help? I’m sure he would love to settle his case first before he remembers yours. To be frank, unless God helps, to err is human when it comes to the fulfillment of promise.

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