A seed sown will definitely yield, and the fruit will always be tantamount to the seed you sowed. It is a normal principle of nature.  But one other thing people fail to realize about the seed we sow today is that the seed is also a voice that will speak for or against us tomorrow.

I just wonder how some people ignorantly pray vehemently for blessing when they refuse to give out. I know if God were to be contacted today, he would say just one answer, as it were recorded in the Holy Scriptures: “how would you expect me to bless a hand that is folded when

the same hand refuses to scatter”? It is like when you ask someone to put bread on your hand but you refuse to let go of the cookies in that same hand. If you don’t learn and act giving, you will continue to stick to the little you have for life. And that’s one the major factors of stagnancy in life. It is not a curse that you can never increase, expand or enlarge. Is hope alive?

The simplest mathematics is not 2+2=4 because some people have proven 2+2=22, but the simplest one is that GIVE, AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE IN FOLDS.   

Which kind of seed are you sowing into the lives of people?
Which kind of seeds are you sowing into the lives of the less-privileges, the haves-not, the vulnerable, the hopeless, the rejected, the devastated and the hopeless?

You need not to underestimate the power of the seed you sow today because if the seed doesn’t speak for you today, it will speak for your bloods and your lineage someday in the future. So if what you know best is how to sow evil in the lives of people, then keep doing it. If it is the otherwise, then don’t relent. One thing is certain and is common to us all, the voice of our seed can never be silenced or muted. It is always there to either speak and defend you or speak against you or your generation in time of need. It is not something that can be dodged or maneuvered. It is a fixed principle of nature that will surely come away for you irrespective of your religion, your color, your race, your ethnic, or whatever you may be.

I came across a write up recently on a website; the writer wrote:
There is a saying, “It is better to give than to receive.” This might be more self-evident if it were not so very good to receive. Think of a few things we receive: life, family, children, work, food, friendship and talents, to name only a few of the best. Each of these is given to us. If we earn anything, it’s because we were first given opportunities, abilities, understanding, and health.
So, as it turns out, receiving is essential. We cannot give unless we have received. And we cannot give more than we have received. After all, no gift is greater than the very first gift we receive: the gift of life.

How then can giving possibly be better than receiving?
You would see two young children in the picture above.

The first lesson I want you to learn from this picture is that “a giver’s hand will always be on the top, while a receivers hand will always be placed down, come what may” (just as we see in the picture). That’s just a pictorial representation of the realm of giving we cannot understand as human.

The second lesson is that the vessel of someone that gives is always bigger and larger than that of the person that receives. The Giver who rewards those who give secretly will never let your basin dry off.

Lastly I leave you with this: “you cannot sow a maize seed and expect a cocoa fruit to come out of it. Buddy, it is what you sow today that you will reap tomorrow, and it is the voice that will either speak for or against you and your generation in the future”.

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