Recently, the world’s phone giant, Nokia, lost out to competitors such as Samsung and Apple in the Telecommunications Industry simply because they failed to keep pace with CHANGE. This catastrophically led to the sale of the company to Microsoft.

The Nigerian situation may be headed in the same direction if we refuse to endure or make the sacrifice that accomplice a change. Nokia missed out on learning; they missed out on changing, and thus they
lost the opportunity at hand to make it big. Not only did they miss the opportunity to earn big money, they lost their chance of survival. Is hope alive?

It will be a big tragedy if Nigeria is fazed by the same fate. Not only missing the opportunity for CHANGE will be pathetic, but if we also lose our chance for survival.
I have never seen a place where a change has ever come easy. I have never heard a place where change happens overnight. Go, ask William Wallace and the people of Scotland what change is, and they would tell you Change was never an easy task. Go, ask Mandela what FREEDOM is, they will tell you it's never easy.

People are not patient enough to endure the hardship that precede change/freedom. They always forget that change comes at a huge price which is not always palatable to pay. All what the people wonna see is someone that would come with a magical change overnight.

I saw in the social media some Nigerians shouting “BRING BACK OUR CORRUPTION”. Hmm what a selfish generation to be likened to the Israelite in the Holy Scripture, the bible! The ungrateful grumblers of our time. All what the Israelite wanted was a change that would come at no cost. The same way they murmured and grumbled against Moses; telling him to take them back to Egypt where they eat meat and drink without thinking of the future of their children and the generation to come. What a shameful generation; gluttons! The same is evidence in the Nigerians of today. They are calling back for the corruption era where they eat and drink in corruption and shame. Know today, any food eaten out of true freedom will be regurgitated and purged out. Hmm, dining in slavery (we are subjected to by the selfish looters).

The fact is that there is no difference between you and the looters. You are both selfish. Because if you truly care for the future of your children and the generation of the unborn ones, you would not say: “AT LEAST WE WERE EATING AND DINING IN THE Corruption era, so bring back our corruption”.

Watch out for the episode 2 of this topic; coming out soon.

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