The fact is that there is no difference between you and the looters. You are both selfish. Because if you truly care for the future of your children and the generation of the unborn ones, you would not say: “AT LEAST WE WERE EATING AND DINING IN THE Corruption era, so bring back our corruption”.

You read on the news how 2.5 billion dollars for the procurement of armory is being shared among few Nigerians. We saw how trillions of naira are been stolen
by some few foolish Nigerians.  You read billions of naira of the Abacha Loots the Swizz bank has returned to Nigeria for the past 10 years; You heard Sarakis’, Dasukis’, among others. Yet you have the gut to shout bring back our corruption. What a crooked and selfish soul! 
You are no different from the oppressors/thieves because you only think of yourself. If you think of the future of your children and the generation unborn, you would know vividly well that corruption is one of the fundamental problems of Nigeria as a nation. It is of great importance that all hands must be on deck to fight this. Yet you don’t want to make a little sacrifice just for the future of our dear country. Our inability to unanimously stand for something good is making us to fall for anything our government bring at us. Have an insight about some of the core problems in Nigeria, naming erratic power supply, lack of basic social amenities, lack of standard academic environment, large scale of unemployment, etc. all rally round the  fact that corruption is predominant in Nigeria. Is hope Alive?

If you think deeply, and with an unbiased mind, you will know President Buhari is not the man to bring the CHANGE we are clamouring for in Nigeria. President Buhari is just an agent or a fore-agent of the change. The man to bring this real change would be the man to succeed him. Or haven’t you ever thought it this way: “what is the essence of Buhari recovering all the stolen funds, but at the end of the day a fool from nowhere came to succeed him and mismanage this money again. Probably we would go back again to square zero.

It is like an old man who has a dream of building a mansion, but he knew age is not on his side in fulfilling this dream. Whether he is or not the one to build this mansion is less of a concern to him. All he is passionate about is achieving this dream. On this back drop, he decided to acquire all the building material that would be needed for the building of the mansion. Though this old man has set the pace, achieving this dream is left to the man that would succeed him. If the person that succeed this old man fails to utilize these materials, the dream of achieving the old man’s dream is doomed to fail.

Watch out for the episode 3; coming out soon.

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``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````BY: OLUKAYODE FADAIRO


op u don buy fuel abi u dey post from fuel queue?

Buhari will lay the foundation of change

Nigerians needs to stand in one accord to support nd pray for him

Dis period we need to substitute all we had to some thing lesser

I remembered a teacher once told me thay before india cud attain a little step of development that they got today d citizens had to compromise they had to use all local made wear only local made eat local made
Now they have d best medical facilities nd best surgeons.
People will notice only average living family nd d rich are d ones complaining those that are used to surviving with local means hardly complain except d traders!

So pls every one shd compromise for now buhari will do something

I believe in him!

Ok, Xo op u don chop >i mean eat< dis morning? stay dere dey rant bubu no even kw ur gran_papa

I hope we don't die before then oo

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