This simply means beauty is not enough; not just enough. Your beauty, your foundation or your make up may get you the man you have always dreamt of, but the beauty will not tie him down for long.
You are still very wrong if only what you have is a beautiful face, a beautiful shape or a hot figure, but your attitude is the complete opposite of what you portray.

The truth is, no matter how
callous, mean or hard a man may seems, there is always this part of him that is scared by crooked attitude from ladies. No man wants to take a gamble on such a lady. They would rather prefer to suck out the nectar from her flower and run away like a butterfly than to make a home with her. Most relationship fails, not because of the guys, but because of the lady’s real attitude. Is hope alive?

Yea, it is natural that a guy would get attracted or fantasized by your beauty because naturally and by default, guys are moved/carried away by what they see. The feel-good hormone is released and excite their brain on the sight of a beautiful and sexy figure eight damsel. And if the guy that got attracted to your beauty is your taste, or probably if he gets “all the Benjamis in his pocket”, then things easily work out if he approaches you or the other way round. But no matter how beautiful a lady or a woman may be (even if the beauty is comparable to that of an angel), if the attitude is not beautiful, the relationship would never pass/endure the test of time. In short, the relationship with such beautiful lady will vanquish spontaneously.

If your attitude is poor or so wayward, and your guy is still around managing you, he is doing so because of the benefits he enjoys from you for the temporary time, and the truth remains that the moment the guy gets another alternative to you or the moment you are no longer exercising your benefit or the moment he has sucked out the juice from your orange, then you are of no more of use to him again. Wake up and stop deceiving yourself, you are having an interim boyfriend! No man wants to marry a liability in attitude. It is not endurable and not palatable for a man to marry a fishlike-bone-in-the throat. It is even better for a man to stay single than to marry such a crooked in attitude lady. Is hope alive?

I remember vividly the story of one of my friends when I was in the university. The guy was heart-broken by his extremely beautiful girlfriend, who suddenly cut-off their relationships without a genuine reason for her acts. The guy was so disappointed and was never himself since that moment because he thought he has lost a jewel in the Savannah. As a friend, we advised him to move on and let go of the girl. But my friend wouldn’t listen easily. Eventually we arranged for him another girl, who we know she was not as beautiful has the seemingly-thought diamond girl that broke his heart...   

Watch out for the episode two of this topic: It promises to be interesting…. COMING OUT SOON.   

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And vice versa

Unfortunately the first person that made a comment has neither.

the second to comment is a derailer

beauty (aka physical attraction) is one of the many foundation needed in any possible lasting union

word of wisdom to my beautiful young ladies out there.

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