topic 60: SO MUCH IN A HUG (THE POWER OF HUG IS More than a therapy)-- episode 1

This three letter word reveals the hearts emotions. As simple as it sounds, it has the power to express deep feelings too difficult for words to. Ever given a thought to the first hug ever in human history? Ever wondered what spurred it up or between who and who?
Perhaps you may even think, how did these two individuals who pioneered the hug feel when they were in each other’s arm? I leave you to think about these questions while you are on it; let me assure you that there is so much in a
true hug.

A hug is a connection between two individuals, who love each other or believe in each other and may be seen as friends. A hug is the magic that reassures another person of your presence, either physically or not. A hug even goes deeper than many people may realize, for example a hug may say “I’ve missed you so much”, “I can’t live without you or I don’t want to live without you”, “don’t ever leave me”, “I appreciate and respect you”, “you mean a lot to me”, “we are in this together”, “be strong”, and many other deep things that may not be said at the moment. Is hope alive?

A hug reveals the deep uncommon chemistry between two or more individuals. So often, tears of joy and emotions are associated with hugs and form a memory to cherish forever.
Every time you hug a person, you reconnect, renew, refresh and energize that which exist between you both. You reaffirm and you place in lives, with assurance, your love and support. You induce the uncommon smile on their faces and help them see that you have got their backs.

It is easy to differentiate a true hug from a fake one because a true hug hardly ever wants to end. Note, when nothing is celebrated (like when a member of a team scored a goal), a true hug mostly doesn’t come with smile or grin. It is emotional with a shrewd face. On the contrary, a fake hug is brief with a grin on the face or a forced smile. This is the type an enemy may give. It is always decoy to an evil intention or other ulterior motives. (Well, the kind of hug Judas Iscariot would have given to Jesus Christ). Is hope alive?

The absence of a hug in any relationships, friendships, families, brothers, sisters, spouses, etc. can be spared or saved only if a true hug is given today. Ask for it, give it freely, after all it’s gonna cost you absolutely nothing but will make magic happen between you and the people closest to you. Just like a hard drug, you will always feel good in the arms of someone special be it a friend, lover or spouse. So what’s stopping that hug? Reconnect today and find the hidden treasures and much more in a true hug.

Hug is a magical therapy you wonna try using in curing emotional wounds, disappointment or mistakes. A therapy to repair breaches; a reassurance therapy. I know the solution for you today, if you don’t know how to say the first word to him or her. If the words are not coming anytime you try to communicate to him or her. Yea, you are looking for how to make peace again with the fellow but the morale and enthusiasm have not been there. The spirit is weak because of the magnitude of what he did or what you caused him. The power of hug in this case cannot be underestimated. Force yourself to give that one true hug, and utter no word, and believe you, what happens next is something you cannot wait to see.

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