topic 61: SO MUCH IN A HUG (THE POWER OF HUG IS More than a therapy) ---episode 2

Have you ever imagined the joy you would or you can feel when you accidentally come across your role model, and you are fortunate to get a hug from such person?
Imagine you have been a fan of Christiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi or Beyonce Knowles since you were a kid, and fortunately, you encounter this people in the real life.

 Imagine one of these
people give you a warmth hug, how would you feel that moment, that second, that day, or throughout that week? Imagine the unimaginable joy that would flow in your mind that moment. I’m sure you would be so glad that you may lose your appetite throughout that day if care is not taken. Even if you were weak before that moment, the strength will rise spontaneously aftermath. That is to show that the power of hug is psycho-physiological.

Though it may be psychological, it directly affects your physiological system and wellbeing.
I thought of what could or who could have been the pioneer of hug, and I realize probably hug originated from a child; a child whose father was about leaving the family for an important voyage. After the man bid his farewell and finally gave a final bye, the small child couldn’t bear it any longer, and all he needed to do was to run at his father. Is hope alive?

Then the father bending down to embrace the child with tears running down their cheeks. Can you feel by depicting that emotional moment? Can you imagine what was going on in their mind at that moment? Can you imagine their psychological and physiological moment at that moment? Can you feel the affection between the two? The assurance the hug would give? The sum total of what transpired within that short moment of emotional hug is definitely unfathomable.

Ha, oh my God, I just wish you can try as much as possible to give a HUG to that person! That very person you have feelings of guilt for; that person you offended or the otherwise;, that rejected and hopeless person; that person that showed hatred to you even when you do nothing wrong to him or her; that person you want to settle score with; that person you want to appreciate; to mention a few. A warmth hug accompanied with a simple sorry will not kill you. It would rather add to your value. The simple key is a true hug. Is hope alive?

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