When did you become a sex addict? Did it start after you tasted another man/woman outside your marriage? Did it start after you were raped at a tender age?

 Did it start after the guy lured and manipulated you and you ignorantly give out your virginity? Did it start when he or she jilted you after you put all your trust in him or her?

Well probably you don’t know that
you are an addict because you don’t puff out flames or snuff in powder, or pour in bottles. The truth is that there is sex addiction and sex addicted people exist. Check all the traces in all other forms of addiction (be it drug, alcohol, etc.), and compare if their pattern conform to your incessant urge for sex.

The first step in solving a problem is to identify and discover the problem.
The second step is to be humble enough to admitting you have the problem.
The third step is to look for a way in solving the problem.
The fourth is to decide to look for the right channel in solving the problem.
The fifth is to be ready to learn
The sixth is to be ready to make use of most of the things you learn.
The last one is not to remind yourself of the past you overcame.

Sex and sex addiction is not a topic that can be over exhausted. Just like cannabinoid in cannabis and nicotine in tobacco, sexual urge for the opposite sex is like the active ingredient that accentuate sexual addiction. 

Most people that suffer from addiction had a horrible first time experience of what they are addicted to. Take for instance the first day he or she took heroine, the horrible moment that spurs up few seconds after the first snuff. Think of the first day he or she took the first sip from the tumbler. Ask him or her the experience that ensued after. Those first experience that led to addiction aftermath are never sweet.

Think of the first time you had sex with another man outside your marriage. Beside the fact that you might enjoy it, think of those pricking thought that came to your mind. Think of the day you were raped; the horrible experience you had. Think of the day he or she jilted you; think of how disgusted and disappointed you were. The irony of it all is that: despite this horrible and disgusting first time experience, you find yourself craving more for it, again and again (just like the way drug addict crave more for heroine, cannabis, alcohol, etc.). Is hope alive?

Steps in overcoming sex addiction will be explained further in the next episode.

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