Many people go through life sad only to realize they could have been really happy. There are many reasons why a person may be sad but there is hardly any good enough one to jeopardize our personal happiness.
The problem with being sad about anything is that you add a sizable amount of stress to yourself other than that which life gives you.

Life in general is transient and the moments
lost in sadness is never regained. It never gonna come back. Just the same way one can never get younger. This reveals the true reasons why one should never subscribe to sadness. It takes away moment of life that should be enjoyed, treasured and celebrated. Rather than feel sad for whatever reason, CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY AND ENJOY THE MOMENT.

If you pause long enough on this advice “ENJOY THE MOMENT”, you will realize it is super smart. Enjoying the moment gives you another reason to live, makes you see something beautiful about life. People who enjoy the moment can never in that state commit suicide. Suicidal tendencies are functions of sadness and depression, and an inability to value and treasure each moment life gives us.
A question that may help you see the vanity and foolishness in being sad is this, “what benefits can one tie to being sad or what are the rewards of being sad”? From my own research and personal experience, am yet to come across one benefit of being sad. All I have been able to come up with are the negatives and disadvantages.

You may agree with me that you do not know your last moments on this earth, except of course you have subscribed to some unconventional means. But the average individual which includes you and I are not promised tomorrow. If this is absolutely true, why then should you and I not enjoy the moment? Why should we allow our lacks, wants, desires, lack of achievement, mishaps, loss or whatever the constants may be, induce sadness into the equation of our lives? Life should be lived irrespective of situation and circumstances in happiness. Each moment should be a memory hung on the walls of our heart so much that at the end, the close of life, you will have a gallery of happy moments and a smile on your face on your dying bed (that last moment).

You may not be able to change many things about yourself, but you can choose to enjoy every single day or moment life gives you. It’s purely in your hands. Make the right choice today and experience the fullness life can give that is not dependent on money, fame, relationships, family or friends. Enjoy the moment; it is your right. Your life and the only way to feel alive.

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