Sexual addiction is a strong sexual desire or urge that is difficult to control.  It is a problem over 1001 people out there battles with.

When you are addicted to sex, your normal reasoning as a human being is reformatted and subdued completely, and the urge for sex takes over you completely. After making up your mind several times, you find yourself on the bed, or on the sofa, on in that corner again. You feel
remorseful after each minutes of that pleasure, yet you can’t control it. Is hope alive?

If you are ready to change, please try to follow this article patiently and meditatively, as I post more episodes on it in the future…

Before I continue, I would like to define addiction in a new dimension. Addiction is the inability of a man /woman to control THE LAST MOMENT that precede a pleasure that ultimately leads to a remorse or regret. So sexual addiction, in the same vein, is defined as the inability of a man/woman to control the last moment that precede the moment of sexual pleasure.

From this definition, you need to know that the greatest challenge of addiction is always the last moment that precedes the real moment of action. Yea, the last moment before you lay on the bed with him or her; the last moment before you snuff that powder; the last moment before you sip that alcohol. The last moment is always crucial, and thus the first and the last way by which you can overcome any form of addiction (sexual addiction inclusive), is by been disciplined enough to conquer the last moment. Is hope alive?

I have seen so many writers said before now that there are certain factors that lead to sexual addiction, such as watching pornography (either on television or online), thinking about sex for long period of the day to the points in which it interferes with other priorities, excessive collections of sexual magazines, excessive masturbation, etc.

Yea, I concur with them, but they forget about the power of the last moment. Even if you control all the factors above, it doesn’t guarantee you a complete freedom from sexual addiction. Curbing these factors will only mitigate the problem from afar, but the day temptation comes again from a close range, you would know you are still weak. The best way to overcome addiction is by structuring your mind and body to overcoming the last moment, which is not always easy. Besides, the principle of OVERCOMING THE LAST MOMENT applies to and it helps in conquering all other factors that leads to sexual addiction.

Take for instance obsession for watching porno movies, beside the fact that you make up your mind not to watch such movies or buy such clips again or click on the website again are not enough, in the sense that you will always find yourself in such situation over and over again. Is it possible for you to open a Facebook page without seeing any nude or pornographic picture a day? So directly or indirectly, you would always encounter such situation, but the ability to conquer the temptation when they surface is dependent on your ability to overcome the last moment (the few seconds) before you do it again.

You have to discipline yourself to conquer the last moment before you insert the disc into the player; before you enter his or her room again; before you open your laps again, before you pull you panties again; before you click on the website again, before you get the stimulator again, etc. Is hope alive?

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