Many people lack the ability to control themselves. Be it in areas of eating, sleeping, sex, anger feats, drugs, personal exercise, reading or following up on their goal or just being themselves.
Why is this so? Is it because it’s so difficult to discipline one’s self or is it because we are just lazy and helplessly addicted?

Quite sincerely, discipline is no easy word and demands a lot from an individual, worse still when dealing with an
addictions or old habit. Peradventure, you fall into this category, or you have already given up on ever changing or winning over that habit/addiction., there is certainly hope for you.
Permit me to break down the moments before, laziness, complacence, and lack of disciplines WINS OVER YOU.

Let’s take this illustration; suppose you are trying to diet, so you realize you need to lose some weight that is making you look “not so good”, and then you begin to try to win over your ravenous appetite. You tell yourself you gonna stay away from junks; hmm, but you wonder deep within if you really can’t stop that “sweeeeeeeet” ice cream, or your favorable sandwich, or whatever you love that you know isn’t really healthy for you. Now, let’s say you take a look at the mirror and didn’t like what you saw or didn’t even recognize yourself, the immediate shock pumps an anger within you. You get angry with both yourself. You asked yourself how it got this bad. Is hope alive?

You’re not gonna eat junks no more you say to yourself, but instead to win the war in one day, shrug to realize that 24 hours has turn to be 64 hours, and all you can see is the Alcatraz you are walking into, soon you can hear and if this day of self-discipline is all there is in life then life must not be worth living, ha ha ha.

Does this describe you? No?  What about the addiction to sex and drugs that you can’t just help; PERHAPS YOURS IS MASTURBATION OR PORNOGRAPHY OR SLEEPING OR ANGER, OR MOOD SWINGS, or any of those mentioned before. I really don’t care. But if you can take a critical look with me at those critical moments before you FAIL AGAIN, we are gonna see important clues why. To many people, the words Discipline and Impossible are synonyms.

 The first thing you must understand is that when you fail again, you actually did choose to fail. Allow me a minute to explain please; thank you! So you see, all I truly want to do is to help you see and understand how is it, I dare said, “you choose to fail”.

Analyzing the last moments before you fail again. Is in truth, the truth to seeing why and how you finally failed again and how to avoid this subtleness and deception hidden in the seemingly innocent walk towards failure. Still considering the diet illustration. Just as John Mason said “you will only change when it hurts more to stay the same than to change” so it is with habits or addiction. “You can never leave what you love except you stop loving it”.

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