There is a place in your heart telling you to always do what is good, even when you have the option of doing the otherwise.
Even when you are hoarding, there is always a place in your heart telling you to give out. But the question is what is stopping you?

There is a saying, “It is better to give than to receive.” This might be more self-evident if it were not so very good to receive. Think of a few things we receive: life, family, children, work, food, friendship and talents, to name only a few of the best. Each of
these is given to us. If we earn anything, it’s because we were first given opportunities, abilities, understanding, and health.

Remember "not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much". It is not a function of how much you give, neither is it measured on how big it looks. It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. Even a smile, a hug and a shake, with a deep and genuine sense of it, can go a long way putting smile on another person’s face. It means more than you may think.

As you and I know, to whom much is given, much is expected..." Although you might not have much in terms of finances, know that you've been blessed beyond measures through the gift of life.
You are too engrossed in your comfort zone but you forget that many people are out there suffering and dying due to abject poverty. Many are out there that are unable to foot hospital bills, yet they are stranded and dying.. Siting Nigeria as an example, 70-80% of Nigerians are living under 1.5 dollars a day. Many innocent, but unfortunate children are out there willing to go to school, but they have no parents or relatives to support them. Are we going to say it is the fault of this children to be born into the families that are not buoyant enough to give them the good things of life they deserve?

Think of the stat of helpless patients that die in the hospital because they can’t afford to pay up their bill, think of the percentage of people that stay away from the hospital for proper medical care because they are scared of the hospital bills. Think of the people that die of kidney problem, people that need surgeries, to mention a few. All these lives are cheaply wasted because of poverty; because there is no help around the corner for them. Why can’t we stand for each other and save lives? Why are we losing our sense of humanity? Is hope alive?

Think of the so called Almajiris in the Northern part of Nigeria. Imagine the way they suffer daily. They are the unfortunate young children in the Northern part of Nigerian that live their lives on the street, begging for money and food every blessed day. Most of them are without parents, and most don’t even know their parents at all. They live on the street, eat on the street, sleep on the street, with tattered clothes and shoes, or without shoes at all; despite the prominent scorching sun in the region.
I just wish somebody can feel the way I feel about these unfortunate children who are meant to be the future of tomorrow, but there destiny are being twisted because they have no support. They are children like your children too, but they are not fortunate enough to enjoy the grace me, you and your children enjoy. I feel for these young ones so much. Is hope alive?

Dear Ishopealive reader, I beseech you today; don’t snub that place in your heart that wonna do the right thing, that place that wonna help the less-privileges, that place that is telling you the good you are doing is not enough; that place that is telling you not to st op being good.
What will you be remembered for when you leave this world?

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